[CH3] Sarb Sorn Ruk (TV Scene): Krating Khunnarong/ Nychaa Nuttanicha/ Mai Charoenpura

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Nychaa looks different in those pics. Kudos for getting Mai and Mam, too bad this is Tv Scene. Get ready to snore.


sarNie Hatchling
ayyyyyyy one of the best news ever. Love this fresh pairing. I am a fan of both of them. I love the fact that they're both the same age, it's so cute <3 BTW, did Mai Charoenpura played Bella character's the mother-in-law in Kong Kram


sarNie Adult
Nychaa doesn't have the X factor/charisma to play nangek. She is best suited for second lead roles. Her manager is pretty influencial though... I find her very skinny,pale, with a large forehead. Not my type in terms of looks. Her acting hasn't caught my fancy either.