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lilyjoonki said:
aww.. U're welcome.. Glad to know that there is someone who still can't get over them because I do too.. Hehehe
eventhough I watch the third series, I'm hoping to see their appearance.. =D

As for today ep, I hope I'm not spoiling anything but that things that happens to Marathee was something unexpected.. I pity her somehow.. And Dr. Yotsawin (i hope i spell it right) is a cutie.. That scene when he confront Khun Chai Pat got me ROFL.. He look so innocent and naive.. Hahaha
seeing how cute Dr Yotsawin is, i wish that he got paired up, too! hahaha
Raiya2 said:
yes it will end at Epi 10...And then the offer half of Friday will be Khun Chai Lek
Epi 8 was okay...half was sweet half was annoying because I dislike the creepy general and Maratee so much 
this part of the series seems to be so fast-paced compared to the others... i still can't get over the fact that it's almost over :(


Aiyaya tomorrow episode is going to be epic! Da Khun chai come save da day!!! Khun Pat is so charming in today episode, Wat a gentlemen :cloud9:

Uh ho Chai Lek part is going to be hella BOMB! Just see da 2nd teaser and lmfao with Grandma Oon reaction :lol:


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lovestar said:
You took the words right out of my mouth! "I tend to pay attention to the least paid attention to." I will never forget this quote. James Ma is a very good actor but I guess the promotions of James J is overshadowing him a lot. Nevertheless I'll love both forever!
Aww yay ^.^ Someone who feels the same way I do about both. 
But yeah I think because James J is just visually better looking, that he's definitely getting more promotions and etc. 
As for James Ma...perhaps it's his chinky eyes and small face, that isn't as appealing to the public as a whole in comparison to James J. 
But I agree. I'll definitely keep watching both and supporting both. I truly hope that James Ma gets more opportunities. 


Chai Rachanon's Part look so good. I want to watch it because its seems funny and it won't give me a lot of tears like Chai Pat and Chai Ruj's. SaiFah is so aggressive on him hehehe. Kick him punched him through rocks at him. Hehe I want to see the part where she hits him on the chest and fed him that water thing. From the first teaser of Chai Lek it looks like SaiFah cared so much for him and stuff, but from tho teaser she seems so mean to him. Looking forward to Chai Lek then KHUN CHAI RONNAPEE OMFG WAITIN FOR TEASER 2!!!!!!!


Someone said that Chai Lek will air after Chai pat I'd done. Lol that explains why chai pat only got 5 parts in one episode instead of 9 because it aired after Chai Ruj. Lol


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Yeah, all of the series are like that.  They give us an ending as well as a beginning on the same day.  So Khun Chai Pat probably will end today and everything should get resolved.  We will get their beautiful wedding and wedding night next week then move onto Khun Chai Lek which I cannot wait for!  It looks hilarious.  Yeah, the first teaser was interesting  but the second really pulled me in since it was so funny.  I haven't seen a lot of Taew's work but this role is so interesting since it's different.  She's like a  lil monkey.  


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Chai Pat is my fave so far...It didn't drag and I was invested in all their scenes together...It's too short in my opinion but what can you do? I will have to see if someone has the book translated so I can see other sweet scenes they left out of the book.
I'm happy and sad to see this end next Friday but now I can be less crazed LOL I have been waking up early every Friday to Sunday to watch this and it's driving my hubby nuts hahaha!
Okay all thanks for all the spazzing I love coming here to share :)
I hope Chai Lek's is just as good...I want to like it!!!


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Kaew: khun chai doesn´t care of me anymore  :cry:

next episode hot scene  :woot:

Khu chai pat: take your hand off, khun Yosawin!

credit FB JamesJirayuTangsrisuk.Fanclub


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sweetie-dara said:
Are you sure??????? Which one????? I'm hoping that's true. I'm waiting and hoping for those two to pair up. :D
I'm going to tell you, BUT promise you won't go CRAZZY?!!!

YES!!!!!! They are confirmed for the movie the letter 2. On the NM2 thread, p'oui the director cleary said, that mint and James J are the new cast for the movie. I think the fliming starts at the end of this month. Not sure. But that's what I got. It's not a lakorn. It's a movie