[Ch3] Tai Ngao Jan (TV Scene)


sarNie Adult
Overall I thought Margie's character is the cutest thing ever and Great is just oh so handsome. Did we ever figured out if Don is gay???
The last epi had me at a roller coaster w/ my feelings I cried so many different times, and that day dreaming geez it's still happening until the last epi. When Tho was dreaming about his grandpa being mean it broke my heart, I was like "oh no, poor guy" the whole time.
Then when Tho disappeared but his grandpa knew where to find him, that part got me soo emotional as well. I don't know why, it must be the close bonding they have that got me at "aww". 
When Margie was day dreaming that Tho ask her to marry then she snapped out of it and Tho kissed her but she still thought she was dreaming. Oh that part is hilarious!!
The ending was super sweet :)


sarNie OldFart
Why when it aired in 2015??? I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm still watching the finale. Loved everything about this lakorn. It's so light and refreshing. From beginning to end, I enjoyed everyone's character. The script wasn't dramatic. Things get resolved quickly. I love lakorns that have few misunderstandings and more character development. TV Scene executed this perfectly and I'm starting to see a trend in their production. They cut to the point and don't drag out things for too long. Despite people criticizing Margie's flaws in this lakorn, I think she played it to perfection. She was adorable as Paboo. Although I can see Matt pulling Paboo off, I still like Margie's portrayal and think she did a wonderful job.


sarNie Hatchling
Please kind to help me find some place where eng sub this lakorn. I llove to see this, and want to know about it much more. does anyone know where subbing this lakorn?


sarNie Egg
i'm patiently waiting for the eng sub to finish on this lakorn! i love Great and Margie. they are pretty cute together! i'm really happy to see her act with other Pra'eks and happy to see Great with other N'eks too!