[Ch3] Tawan Yor Saeng (Metta Lae Mahaniyom) : Poh Nattawut / Namtarn Pichukkana


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I really can't watch Poh as p'ek anymore. He fits the role but I just can't bring myself to "greeet" him as p'ek like before. And it's not his age either. He just doesn't have the attractive p'ek aura to me. This is just my opinion though, I have nothing against him.


sarNie Granny
Yeahhh! Pictures !! I love their first lakorn^^^ My heart can accept their age difference ^^^^ but I wish it was a comedy , I think Poh good in those role.


Mrs James Ma


sarNie Juvenile
Too many similarities
Shouldn't be remake
Didn't like storyline
Cuz she married her maternal uncle from dad mia luang
That gross


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
So it will replace Mai/Mew lakorn, right?


sarNie Oldmaid
I was able to watch another teaser of this lakorn during the commercial break of The Cupids Series Part 1: Kammathep Hunsa. Honestly I haven't seen any of Poh's past lakorns yet.

Poh and Namtarn pairing here are like father-daughter. Or is it just me???
But when I read the storyline... My reaction is just... ?!?!?!?!?!?!
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