[CH3] Tee Krai Tee Man (Maker K) - Nine Napat, Gina Yeena, Mo Monchanok, Alex Rendell, Ball Jitpanu


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Synopsis from thaidramatic_update:

Mitra (Mo) who own pearl farm, golf course and real estate at Phuket, is Trin's (Nine) sponsor with a team. One of member is Jane (Gina), is hired to be his physiotherapist and nutritionist.

Jane is sharp and neat. Trin and her always fight each other because of this thing. His goal is to win for his dad and beat Aki (Alex), professional golf player and Mitra's ex because he need to be her new boy.

Trin feel uncomfortable to be in system and everyone must have problem because of his hardheaded. Jane is always beside him but he fall for Mitra.

So this sounds like there could be two possibilities. He likes Mo at first and overlooks Gina until at the end when he realizes she's been there for him. Or it could mean that even though he's around Gina more, he eventually falls in love with Mo and ends up with her in the end. Probably the first scenario lol.
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Gina is the nek so he definitely will be ending up with her. I know some people are whatever about Gina but I actually like her and think she is pretty. She didn’t do too bad in her lakorn with James. I just wish she didn’t cut her hair, She is not bad for a newbie and you can definitely tell Ch3 plans to promote her. Ch3 loves halfies and even though she’s not their normal half European or etc but she’s half Cuban.


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English sub for the second teaser. Thaidramatic_update added more to the synopsis:

Jane is always beside Trin but he fall for Mitra.

Mitra always feel excited to be with Trin, but eventually decide to engage with Aki because she and Trin are totally different.

So even though Nine and Mo won't end up together, it still seems like they'll have a significant storyline based off the newest teaser and the synopsis. It actually sounds like Nine's character might be more into Mo's character but has to let her go because their parents forbid them to be together and Mo gets engaged to Alex.

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D-1!!!!! :cheer: They are really promoting this love triangle. I haven't seen any picture of the main couple alone.. But they sure took a lot of photos of these three in the same pose, which again makes me wonder if the reason they had the second fitting had anything to do with Mo's character. I'm looking forward to finally finding out how interesting her role is.
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I was surprised that trueid cropped Nine and Mo out for their article about Ch.3's upcoming lakorns. :eek::confused12:
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