[Ch7] Lueam Salub Lai (Mongkol Karn Lakorn)


sarNie Adult
I heard that N'ek in here from 2nd generation n'ek, and this character will change for her.
2nd generation of actress in Ch7 have Pancake, Kwan Usamanee, Cheer Tikamporn and Tangmo Patrida.
Let's guess that who is n'ek


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I thought Mo's contract with Ch7 already ended? Anyways, Cheer is the only one who hasn't played that type of character so it's most likely going to be her. 


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I really wanna see Cheer rise again. She needs to be promoted more. Baifern is okay too. I've only seen 1 lakorn of hers. I'd like to see her expand her experiences.
If it's true that all of these ladies are in here, then it will be one interesting cast. Don't like Pancake but to see her act alongside the rest of these ladies will be pretty interesting.


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A second generation n'ek to be casted? 
I feel like it might be Kwan again if it's K'Tua :)  hahaha, I wouldn't mind.  But hmmm, Baifern is now rumored too?  Well we'll just have to wait for the actual confirmation.  :)


sarNie Adult
I heard that New and Sammy are going to be in here
Although I don't watch New's lakorns but I'm happy for Sammy to get more work


sarNie Hatchling
Yeah currently the rumour is that Sammy and New are gonna be in here along with an actor from Ch 3. If that's true then I'm happy for Sammy to work with K'Tua in a completely different role but not so thrilled about New lol. It was said that one of the nang aeks that they initially contacted for this lakorn didn't accept it so I'm assuming it's Baifern. 


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There aren't a lot of actors from Ch.7 that can act well besides Weir, Porshe, Cee, and Es. I'm not biased towards them, but they've impressed me when I decided to give them a chance. The rest are blah. I don't mind Sammy with some bad actors like Vee, but the rest are an automatic skip for me with an exception of Thanwa who isn't a bad or great actor. He's very yummy looking though. 


sarNie Adult
Such a long waiting and then the pra'ek is New :( I will watch it for Sammy only. poor girl...Gosh, why must almost actress of CH7 have at least 1 lakorn with New?!
I really want to see Sam with Cee or Weir for once...But overall, happy for her don't need to act in action again...
And can anyone tell me the other n'ek is?! I don't know much actress in CH7