[CH7] Mussaya (Pordeecom) : Mik Thongraya / Mookda Narinrak


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Awe...their emotional slow dance scene was pulled off wonderfully by Mik and Mookda. We definitely need to see them paired again in the future.


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I wanted to catch it live but thank you for the links! So sad it's ending tonight but thank you mussaya for bringing me so much joy these past months! Fingers crossed Mik and Mookda will pair up again in the future! Love them!


We're coming to an end :'( I will say all of our supporting characters were not bad at all. Glad there was not so many bad guys and bat shit crazy things happening to our n'ek.

The fashion guy wasn't a sleezy, creeper after all. He was actually a nice guy and friend to Mas yay! He surprised me a lot with helping Mas get off the dangerous streets and return home after she fainted from donating her blood. Thank goodness this drama did our supporting characters right cause we all know that if he's sleezy at the beginning, he's likely a bad guy throughout the whole drama. In this drama, I'm proved wrong.

I'm loving Pong. He's amazing and I think he deserves someone better than Chom.

Waiting for last ep to be uploaded so I can spazzzzz.

I hate granny tho. No redeeming qualities at all. Didn't really see her own fault at all until she Mad ran away. Stupid considering it's her (mostly) and Lak's fault. What were they expecting? Her to stay after all that crap she put up with.


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OMG..I watched some part of today episode on IG...how cute :love::love: can't wait to watch last episodes subbed (other than the grandmother :yawn:)


I never spazz so much over a ring scene. Maybe cause I watched too many dramas where p'ek and n'ek were forced to marry or they were mad at each other so when there was a ring scene for engagement/wedding, we couldn't fin. Hehehehe ok--I stopped there on watching the raw cause I will wait patiently for the subbed episode now. Not sure if I'm feeling Steph and Mik's lakorn and it's not subbed so I don't know what lakorn to watch next. We'll see if I can find one that catches my interest. Otherwise, this lakorn wasn't the best ever, but I'd say it was good. Well written and thought out (minus the grandma opposing to the relationship). Her character was just...bleh.
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Whoever directed did a good job - they didn't have n'ek standing frozen during kisses. Most of the time, they make it seem like n'ek is not into the skinship at all, which is unrealistic when the couple loves each other so much. And Mas initiated so many kisses, it was adorable.

I totally skipped ep 16. Waited to enjoy p'Lak groveling in the final episode. They should have shortened granny's crap by one episode, and let us watch grandpa turn Lak away for an extra episode. More groveling and stolen kisses! I like grandpa much more, plus he has more reason to be mad at Lak and to reject their relationship anyway.

So glad Mas went away to school. Got some time to grow and be independent before getting married. The final beach scene was so cute. Yes! I need MookMik to reunite asap!
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Rat. End already , I'm still stuck at 6 or 8 :p . Sound like lots of kissing scene up ahead , that surely will movative me to continue :)


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Up to where I've watched, I can say that I really enjoy watching this drama. Like other fans, I really want to see them pair up again in the near future.

Congrats Mick! I've put your name in my list as one of my favorite actors now! :) :)


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Mussaya's engagement ring was so pretty.

I cannot get Mas and p'Lak out of my head! One of the cutest couples ever. I'll pretend he wasn't wishy washy for five episodes :/


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Lol. Majority of Pim and mik fans are Chinese. I know this because this Chinese girl told me because their drama was really popular in China. Miks and Stephany have more of a Thai fan. The thai fan that supported mik pim are either from mik fan club or pim fan club
these all the instagram account of both pairing.. Mikpim koojin have 31k followers for main page of their koojin account while mik stephanie have 6k followers of their most rated page so far.
And most of followers are Thai itself for both koojin pages.we can easily see it.
And it's nothing like that I dislike stephanie in fact many people does say about her rude attitude but I support her attitude coz I feel if you are in entertainment field then no one would dare to mess with you.. She is right.. She doesn't give damn to anybody..



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I agree. Steph seems to not let the publicity get to her and that is freat. She is a hard worker and stays true to herself, does what she loves and has a kind of nonchalant personality. I don't consider that rude.

There was a funny clip that showed Mook and Steph at a fashion event. Mook joked, asked "Dr. Irene" to give her p'Lak back. Steph replied, "He's all yours," then said, "Oh wait, I should be the doctor, not myself." Lol