[Ch7] Ngao Gammathep (Kantana)


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YAY! FIRST! lol.

vier and amy? i don't know. i love amy, but i'm not sure about pairing these two up. but who knows. they might make a cute couple.


Yayy, Wier! I lovem'~ just kinda lost interest in his last lakorn though..& I need to finish the last episode to his one before that one.
Hopefully the synopsis will be out soon!


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Amy is not the n'ke.

Its Mai Davika. She a new actress at ch7. This is her second lakorn she be in. Her first lakorn is with Aof.

credit to: ch7 & Aof forum

Here a pix of the n'ke.



sarNie Oldmaid
the new nang'ek is cute look like a barbie doll. 55+ but wish nang'ek was pinky instead she would also look so cute disguise as a boy in a short wig like she did in the beginning of jao ying lum sing. i was thinking for fun maybe if she didn't go film movies in india she may get to play with weir in this lakorn because it's kantana lakorn and they did plan a project for pinky+weir to reunite again since wwhj that got high rating. and also weir play as nai hua again like he did in wwhj so just remind me of him and pinky in wwhj more. t_t but oh well a new nang'ek is also good, not boring see new pairs. i haven't watch weir lakorns in a long time. so this one i will look forward to seeing.


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i'm actually looking forward to this, it's good to see weir get paired up with a new nang'ek!


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wier looks like a molester next to her in those pics :lol:

Cupid Candy

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I swear i saw ch7 is reusing their clothes, the blue checkered shirt with the grey jacket he wore in Wong Wian Hua Jai.


they should change the pra ek. ahahah, they look so awkward together. she's cute, i think she might be the first newbie (correct me if im wrong) that i actually think to like. but not so sure about her acting. maybe she will be a surprise. wier doesnt look too dashing, he needs to rest. like seriously ch7 doesnt need more nang ek, they need more pra ek.


sarNie Oldmaid
not a good match. shes cute, but weir is too old for her i think it would have been better if the p'ek was younger.