[Ch8] Mae Leu Kerd Dai


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Credit: Picture above: tv.mthai.com
credit: ch8 @youtube


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I think that in another post Ch8 only has Film as p'ek....wow, they weren't kidding....this lakorn look so raeng and it's more real life situation.  Anyone know the sypnosis?  Thanks minankumo for post and links :D


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It is too much for me. I like some crazy stuff in lakorns but this seemed more than I can take even in lakorn world. The girls's makeup are horrible.


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Ditto. I like raeng lakorn but not like this where n ek is prostitute to others besides p, ek. Man film is the p ek again. They need more actors for this channel. Finally mod is the main n,ek since she always plays evil

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This channel seriously sucks, it seems like the whole point of their lakorns is just to shock people. 


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this is a strange lakorn.
she was offer by her friend to give money so she can start a small food stand to make money. why didnt she take it and decide to go work there? p'ek even offer her to give her money too. 
ik at times peeps has no choice but there are times when there are choices but then again it's a lakorn hehe.
good thing p'ek is willing to love her no matter what b/c it's a job that will bring money to help her mom. hate to see her go thru that work ugh.


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I was skimming through ep.1 and skipping to ep2 now. I was wondering when Mod is going to meet Film?
when do they fall in love?