chak de india


sarNie Adult
I have watched it! Let me tell you, it's such an inspirational movie. A different kind of movie I must say. Definitely, a movie worth watching. It is based on actual accounts, in which it was based on a former hockey player who coached the Indian women's team until the team won the gold medal in Commonwealth Games, in 2002 if I'm not mistaken.


sarNie Hatchling
I liked this movie.

All girls who play in the team played very well, initially he had problems with the coach because he is too hard or even compared to his past he has just lost India but in the end they realize that this is a good coach. And they want to win the title.
On Shahrukh Khan plays very well that really changed him sentimental films or plays.
It is thus credible coach, surprisingly sober and not laughing too serious and win ... in the sequence of matches is rather behind, then we would have liked him to make his presence felt more galvanizing his players with more vigor.