Chakrit Varous Pict


sarNie Adult
thanks for sharing krit pics he look so cool and hot..lolz his gf is not that bad, i guess he really love her.


sarNie Adult
st_nba said:
Maybe it's just me, but Krit looks really dirty with long hair. He looks cleaner and thinner with short hair. :huh:
i agree with you...but i love how he look like when he plays with Marsha...he's a smoker?? :shock:


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
chinkywinky said:
he is soooo super sexy!!!! what he is a smoker?!?!?!? .. gosh look at those lips... im drooling over here.. keke
gurl...i know..kekeke...look at them big and juicy lips of his.....just wanna suck on them...ekkekekek... :w000t: