Chakrit Yamnam:New Life


sarNie Coma
chakrits so handsome on the cover. im glad hes coming out with more mag shoots. this is his year hehe


sarNie Adult
Krit is soooo hot! I like how they are all close shots of him....especially him on the cover....I want a piece of him now^^


sarNie Adult
lmao i'm so glad this wasnt one of those spikey ear wearing spandex doing some kind of funky leg spread pose! lmfao :loool:
i wish they would have done something a little more modern/contemporary it looks like a shoot from the 90's...and all that suite stuff looks like its his profile shot for his resume :loool:
huhhh but anywho he looks gorgeous!!!
the cover looks like hes going to take me to the beach :lol:

diamend i want that shirt too!


Staff member

i bet this must be one of his fav pose... i always see him do it hehe xp..

gosh he is so goodlooking...