Channel 3 Various Stars:12 Hot


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ew why did they have chaiya on there. im surprise to see chakrit and oil since they are a free agent.



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Chaiya just seemed out of place. Not trying to be offending any of his fans or anything. But is he gay?


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^^yea they mind as well andrew on there too cuz atleast he works with ch3 alot. not chaiya.

they are missing aun and hes actually a ch3 actor.


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That picture of oil is funny! Who is that guy on the bottom left corner.
lol. he does look funny in that pic. as for that guy in the bottom left corner, i don't know his name but i've seen him in a few boran lakorns.


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Woot Woot ! I agree ! Lol
I like everyone on there besides that dude at the lower left corner. eehheheh :p
i would love to have this magazine :D



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Is Paul a free agent or no? Cause I see him with Ch.3 and Ch.7 actresses, but not sure if he's with Ch7 or Ch3 or a free agent. Help please? :)


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^^they only put the main stars on there. vicky is usually in supoorting roles so she wouldnt be on there

the guy on the left is chaiya and he shouldnt be on there lol. as for paul, hes a freelance