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  • I am so sorry! I really am, okay this time this is a real real promise. If tomorrow I can finish my AP History homework, I will really promise to do an update but I am not dropping it. Trust me. I won't. If not by tomorrow then I will do it by the end of this month. I am so sorry I just got your message now since I've been so busy lately.
    Sorry I know it was way back in May but I haven't got the time to check up on things. I haven't got the PM about Jan Euy Jan Jao. Can you please tell me again. Thanks.
    oh, the sig with son and vill? i posted the big picture on the klp thread already. there is more.
    oh, im glad u liked it gurl. Got it frm an emo quote i found in the net. (yeah im emo, but not the cut my hand stuff) lol
    the girl on the pic with bie is Best. she was in his music video (for his song, called "someone"). Best also starred with mos in "Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar". hope this helps.
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