Chocolate Sood Tee Rak (Chocolate Love Recipe)


sarNie Juvenile
This one is inspired by Noona's MVs "Only You" and "Hai Jai Kow Gaw Yung Raw, Hai Jai Auk Gaw Yung Jum". I thought Noona and Mark looked cute together so this idea then came to mind. I had to write it up before I forget so here ya go. UPCOMING and I will post after I finish Fad Tarng Pope and Neua Koo. Thanks all of you guys who have been following my fanfictions and hopefully you will enjoy this one. ;)
Love yall!

Chocolate Sood Tee Rak
(Chocolate Love Recipe)

Noona Neungthida
Mark Prin
Mint Natwara
Pope Thanawat
Jern Warunya
Kong Sarawit

Noona approached the bridge slowly and took a deep breath. She wiped off the last of her tears and grabbed the rail. The water beneath must’ve been at least fifteen feet. Perfect. Noona closed her eyes and jumped off the rails. Before she realized it, she had already hit the water. She kept her eyes closed and let herself sink. She began to have flashbacks of her good times with Pope but it all went by very quickly. Then, she saw a wedding invitation of Pope and an unknown woman and suddenly, all was dark…


sarNie Juvenile
Oh, I forgot to mention that I am desperate for a poster for this one and Kwaam Rak Kwaam Kaen, with Aff, Tik, Taew, and Mark. Yep, yep...Thanks in advance!


sarNie Juvenile
To all of you who are looking forward to this, I will update as soon as I can. Thanks! Love y'all mucho!