Chronical of Naria 2


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Saw it, loved it! :)
I can't wait for the next two Narnia movies. The last book isn't listed as "in the making" so I'm not sure if it's just too far ahead to think about or if they're just not going to make it into a movie at all.


I am going to see today!


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I saw it..... I agree the second one is great.... actually I love both of them.... and I'll defend both movies to the death....agree... Ben Barnes (who plays Caspian) is sooooooooo hot..... LOved him in Stardust too even though he was only in it in the beginning.... by the way anyone think the ending was bittersweet.....I did.... I mean TCoN Prince Caspian is bittersweet in the ending....loved the soundtrack too....


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lol.. i went to watch this on saturday .. keke it was great xp.. i like this one better than the first one kekeke lol..xp.. n i heard that there is already gonna be a new one keke.. cant wait.. so far i like the 2nd one better than the first one.. yes the endin is a bit sad.. but boi o boi .. prince caspian was kute.. xp.. keke.. n so was peter keke .. i heard that in the new movie whish is probably filming rite now.. that prince caspian will be king caspian.. omg.. xp.. i so cant wait..


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I want to watch it now. Ppl say its even better than the first one but I loved the first one though.
lol.. it indeed is better xp lol.. the 2nd one makes them seems like thaty can actually fight lol.. xp .. n keke the younger bro isnt annoyin like in the first one either..