Curse of the Golden Flower


sarNie Adult
yeah...i wanna see this movie..because i'm a huge fan of jay's and the director. jay's in a supporting role stars chow yun fat and gong li.


Lakorn Obsesser
The story was sad, Jay Chou died at the end. The only remaining one was the king and the queen. Jay Chou kill himself because he doesn't want to give the medicine to his mother (THe queen).


sarNie Adult
^ i know..the king was evil!!! all of the sons were in a bad was sad..


sarNie Hatchling
oh god...this movie was sooooooooo good.....i absolutely LOVED it!!! especially Jay Chou's character!!! he was soooo was very sad at the ending when he like bowed down in front of his mother and begged her forgiveness and then he like killed himself right there....god, i almost started crying my eyeballs out......even though this is only Jay's second movie....i think he did a GREAT job at portraying the role......

I have never seen CYF pull off such an evil role like that before...him being the EVIL emporer was kinda new to me in a sense because i haven't seen him in any EVIL roles like this before.....but i think he also did very good playing the role....

Gong Li was absoulute gorgeous in this film....she looks like a queen in real life and my god, she IS a queen....she played the role amazingly well, transitioning from a loving mother to an obedient wife, to a revengeful was quite a plot.....

the soundtrack is absoulultly WONDERFUL because Jay Chou sings the ending theme and also the Theme song...both are very good....a lot of chemistry between actors and that just made the story more

i give it 4 stars out of 5......some parts could've been better....but this is a very good film by Zhang Yimou.....


^hmm now i wanna see it!

i saaw one part uploaded at crunchyroll but yeh i dun like chow yun fat so that's good hes evil : D LOL


sarNie Elites
u can rent it at blockbuster...cyf was bad in the corruptor and potc 3