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Group Profile

Debut Date: March 3rd (Showcase). March 4th (Mnet).
Official Site: http://d-na.mokey.co.kr/
Company: Openworld Entertainment
Members: Hyunmin
| Jay| Garam| Injun| Mika.

Member Profile

Stage Name: MIKA
Position: Leader
Real Name: Lee Suhoon 이수훈
Birthdate: 1990.06.28
Height: 1,78cm
Bloodtype: B
Cyworld: http://cyworld.com/ooff

- Can play the piano.
- Former Xing and Singing in the Rain member (both under Xing Entertainment)
- Used to go by the name of WHITE
- Featured in SOOLj's "A Man Cries" and Lee SiAh's "Hello"
- Thinks Hyunmin is the most interesting member
- Envies Garam for being handsome

Real Name: Woo Hyunmin 우현민
Birthdate: 1991.07.22
Height: 1,81cm
Bloodtype: O
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/tob205

- Former Xing and Singing in the Rain member (both under Xing Entertainment)
- Used to go by the name of HUSKY
- Nicknamed himself as Mallang Mute
- he's very good friends with ex-xing member Jisang. Trust me, it's REAL LUV STORY.
- he loves hugging people. Really.

Stage name: KARAM
Real name: Park Hyuncheol 박현철
Birthdate: 1991.06.28
Height: 1,78cm
Bloodtype: B
Cyworld: http://minihp.cyworl...sp?tid=60434007

- Former Xing member
- Used to go by the name of RISING
- He's bffs with Jay and Injoon
- He once said to Arirang TV's MC that he didn't like thai food the chef made for them when they went to thailand

Real Name: Lee Injoon 이인준
Height: 1.75cm
Birthdate: March 9, 1992
Bloodtype: O
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/injun0001

- Former Xing member
- Used to go by the name of SOUL
- Is a fan of SG Wannabe and Mariah Carey
- Can beatbox
- Likes to be alone thinking to himself to deal with the stress
- Has a younger sister
- I am a Legend is his favorite movie
- Extremely addicted to The Simpsons.

Stage Name: JAY
Real Name: Jeon Jihwan 전지환
Birthdate: 1994.03.31
Height: 1,70cm
Bloodtype: A

- Former Xing member
- Used to go by the name of KIPARANG
- Has an older brother
- Favorite season is Fall/Autumn
- He says he's persistent but very timid
- His ideal type is just a nice girl

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Indonesia Forum: sparkling-star.net
Thailand Forum: theboss-thaifans
Latin America Forum: LatinDNA

Dae Guk Nam Ah - First Single
Release Date: 04/03/10
Genre: Pop/ R&B Ballad
Language: Korean

1 - The Boss (Intro)
2 - Stumble Stumble (비틀비틀)
3 - No One..and Anyone (아무도..그 누구도)
4 - New Boyz
5 - The One
6 - Shining World (눈부신 세계)
7 - Admiring Boy (동경소년)

D-NA - Awake (1st Mini Album).RAR



sarNie Hatchling
they're awesome! i love mika. ^^ i really want to buy their stuff, but little is so known of them. i hope they become more well known.


Ky the Star
@mongstaness, yeah they're pretty much ex-xing members...
and it's due to the entertainment wanting to keep the XING members fresh, so they rotate out old members and rotate in new members. it was the same for Kevin and Kibum of U-KISS, who were the 1st generation of XING and Yong Junyung of BEAST who was in the 2nd generation.

anyways, it's still weird seeing them without the other 3 members, and calling them by their real names, and/or stage names.
but i really do wish them the best of luck and hope they get famous.
these guys have major talents for young ones and i just hope that it doesn't go to waste and that people won't bash them.


sarNie Adult
Loving their latest song Stumble Stumble.
they're so HOTT!