Dao Pra Sook (2nd Version)


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WHAt!?! Dao pra sook (2nd Version)

Foereals..i didn't know that.. i loved the Num and Kob one..
hey.. i gotta go find this one.. thanks.. :)


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Oh my gosh, I so want to see the Dao Prasook with Monrudee. I've always thought she was beautiful and a talented actress. So, whatever happened to her?


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i think the 2nd version is such a waste. How can they remake a lokorn that still in people heart? Num and Kob in dao pra sook is still in thier fan heart they remake a new one make even worth.


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Num and Kob version is bette way way way better than the newer version! They ruin the ending, they shouldn't rush the ending! :p


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Yeah Num and Kob's version is better. But if u like Brook and hhmm... I don't think the actress in the 2nd version acts much... but yeah if u like to see Brook acting then the 2nd version will do. ehhehe


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I didn't know they made a remake of dao pra sook...i've seen the one with Kob and Num and i thought it was really good...so i'm really curious to see what the re-makes looks like and the new actors....


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I didn't pay much attention to the 2nd one, I just watched to see if their were any similarities/differences from Num and Kob's version.


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:) no matter how many versions of this lakorn is out, i still think kob and num's version is best, Brook and Meing's version is so short, they cut out a lot of scenes :shocked:


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:wub: Kob and Num's version was the best...I think I remember reading somewhere that Kob and Num's version was so popular that every friday when it aired all the household in Thailand would have at least one t.v. set on DaoParasook...my mom basically rented the second one b/c I just wanted to see how it was going to be...and me and her don't agree that much on anything but we agreed that the Brook and Mieng one just bombed :shocked:

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well people are saying that Brook and Miang is copying Num and kob's lakorn. If you guys havent notices lately, there are a lot of re makes of lakorn. yes its true that they did a re-make of it, but see num and Kob did a re-make of it too. So doesnt that counts as copying? and plus they do that now days, with Koo Krum, Mon Ruk Loog Tung, Talay Jai ( jui and por, the new lakorn coming out), and many more that i cant think of now. im not trying to start anything but im just expressing my opinion on that.
i don't they anyone said brook and Mieng are copying Kob and Num..brook&mieng and kob&num versions are both remakes...people are saying Brook&Mieng version wasn't as good and lots of scenes were left out


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Does anybody have a picture of the female leading actress in this lakorn ??? I'm curious to know how she looks like..
even though i can't stand brook, i like the remake better than the original one with num and kob...i think they should remake it again with some of the newer actors and actresses...cee and mo or vee and poo, etc... it'll be interesting to watch...lol...:)


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They shouldn't remake this lakorn at all cause Kob and Num is still the best one...I don't wanted the newer actors to ruin the lakorn <_<


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if they ever remake it again .. please keep the "blanket scene" lolzz in the new one they left it out o'my ...also in the new version i keep rewind and fastwarding thur the "R" scene and i stilll can't find it :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


I dont like the new vision..... the new vision is very good..... I didnt watch the whole movies cause.... it wasnt worth watching....


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I think there was a version before Monrudee's. I can't remember who but my mom used to call this old lady, she plays mother/grandmother's roles Dao. So that would make Kob's the third version as far as I know. There's also some movie version too.

The main beef I had with Brook/Mieng's version is they cut out a lot of the peripheral relationships with the father, the grandparents, and the stepdad. So it wasn't as touching. Also the chemistry between the couple was nonexistant. One thing I did like better though is I think Mieng played the character stronger than Kob's version. I don't remember Kob sticking up for herself and talking back to the n'rai like Mieng did but I could be wrong.
ok...i just want to clear something up...is mieng the one who acts a lot as the side character and nang'rai sometimes now?! is she the one who played as the nang'rai in the second generation in oak torronee?