Dara's New Year Splurges


I was browsing on Instagram and came upon some of the pictures that these daras posted during this new years holiday! Margie went crazy with her spending.  I don't know if she's buying these for other people but she's always splurging on high-end brands and products, which makes me think that she can be pretty materialistic.

Kim just started shopping (lol)

Other people's splurges


If you have any more pictures please share.  What are your guys' opinion on splurging?  I live in the US and I don't see a big deal about these brand names but to the other half of the world, brand names are exquisite and big deal.


sarNie Juvenile
My opinion on splurging is that if you can afford it and it makes you happy then why not? I don't see it as too big of a deal since I live in the US. I do not need brand name things but it makes some people happy. For people in other countries brand names are a really big deal. A good example of this is the Korean drama that is currently on air called Cheongdam-dong Alice.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
There's nothing I love more than a good brand-name product. I'm pretty materialistic, I buy things according to brands. I haven't splurged on anything like Louis Vuitton or Chanel just yet but I am a huge Coach fan, I usually buy their trenchcoats and purses. I'm a supporter of splurges just don't spend so much you go broke or can't pay bills.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
There's nothing wrong with splurging as long as it's coming from your own hard worked money and you're being reasonable with your purchases. If you're just using someone else's money or you're obsessed with brand names even though you don't have a stable life or proper living conditions then you need a reality check. If you have the disposable income then it's fine. Everyone deserves to reward themselves once in a while.
Designer brands are only a big deal if you chose to make it a big deal. It's really a personal thing and it depends on one's perspective on life. Some people feel like they only get the chance to live once therefore they want to use more higher quality items. Others feel like it's not that necessary and can manage with cheaper alternatives. In my personal opinion, as long as you're happy and comfortable with what you have and look presentable on the overall, it doesn't matter.
My only pet peeve with daras and their splurges is that they feel the need to take a picture and upload on IG every time they have a new addition to their collection. I can understand that they like showing off and garnering attention but no need to rub it in people's faces, despite if that's their intention or not.
I like brand names but I'm not to the point where everything I wear from head to toe needs be high end. I don't mind paying thousands for a handbag but I wouldn't pay $500 for an LV scarf as I'd rather spend the money on skin care products, shoes or something that I'd use more occasionally.


Spend away, as long as you will be responsible enough to pay for it somehow someway. Some people live and breathe brand name stuff, Apple anyone?  :lol:
These celebs probably are the same, they work for their money and they want to spend it. :)


Expired Sarnie
i say spend but there should be a limit lol i dont go for brand names lol ok maybe once in a blue moon. i dont carry much bags/purses. it will only be for my trash and extra weight for me to carry haha


sarNie Adult
agree, spend if they want and if it makes them happy...if they can afford it and be responsible (paying/keeping up w/bills) go for it...I personally don't really care for a brand name, if I like it I'll buy it within a reasonal price for my pocket. I love shopping but more of a bargain shopper...just cuz it;s out on the sales floor doesn't mean I need to have it....my sister give me all her gently use Coach bags and it hiding in my closet...been meaning to sell it on ebay but i'd been lazy


sarNie Hatchling
Margie and Kim are two of the most materialistic girls from the younger generation lol. I think if you can afford it and you're not overly showing off like those above then go ahead.