Dior Event


sarNie Tombstone
Thanks Alice, Dome's so freaking hot! He's like the whitest person there LOL! (skin wise)
U welcome na ja Cee yes I like his light skin tone too sometime when I come across
looking at his white skin hot vampire image will pop in my head :shock2:


sarNie Elites
Aff and Nadech are a good looking pair, I wouldn't mind seeing them in a lakon together. Aff is flawless and gorgeous! Ann, Nat and Kataleeya look old. Aum's red lips and hair are a mess, she should not put her hair up because it exposes her five head.


sarNie Egg
Ann and Nat myria look the best because they are naturally beautiful. Aum Patcharapa has the best dress and she also looks younger than her real age. Nadech is handsome and looks mature this year. And the rest just look ordinary to me, nothing special.


Expired Sarnie
Aff is gorgeous as always. But it would have been better if her dress didn't have that ugly strap. It would have been better if it was a tube top.

By the way it is only apple cider haha I don't know but I don't think they would have let him drink if it wasn't. They wouldn't want him to get busted lol

lol is the legal drinking age 20? Ah I feel like we are the only country that the legal age is 21.