Do you feel awkward when kissing the same sex?

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
My gal pals and me are close so they kiss me on the cheek and one of my other gal pals kissed me on the lips. I'm straight and their straight too, but it feels awkward. Does anyone else feel the same way? When its with a guy friend it's ok, like for instance yesterday when my guy friend kissed me on the cheek, i feel normal. I guess it feels weird when a person of the same gender as you kisses you.


i've made out with a girl before... [drunken moment in Vegas lol] Never again. I don't remember much. Just my boyfriend telling me about it (oh dear) Anywho, I don't feel anything when my girl friends kiss me on the cheeks. I do that to all my girl friends (or when I had more lol). If anything if my guy friends did that to me, it'll feel weird to me.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
lol that would be pretty awkward. lol only culture I know that greet by kissing on cheeks is French....unless their french then it wouldn't be. but if not then...
yea it'd be pretty awkward for me. lolXD