Does anybody has these movies


sarNie Juvenile
Does anybody has this movie "Plaub Kwv Tig Haub Tais" in thai it is called "Si Yod Kumon".  There is only part 1 on youtube and i want to watch the rest but if anybody has it can you guys upload it on youtube. The other movie I want to finish is called "Ghost Husband" it is a chinese movie. There's no part 5 and i want to finish this movie as well. Again if anybody has it please upload it on youtube.


Staff member
^ I don't have the movies for either of the movies.. but if I recall the ending for the hmong dubbed version of Si Yod Kumon.... They ended it with a FAKE ending.. (unless this was just one company who did that... not sure but yeah..)  If that happens to be the case when you do find the other dubbed parts, I would recommend you to watch the original and get the real ending. 
Good luck in finding the movies :)