Does anyone have Thepsin Interajak? (Khmer Version)


Hello Sarnies! I've been a member on here for awhile now but i never had the chance to actually use it. Well here i am now and i really really need your help. You see, i've been looking for this one Thai boran movie since forever. Apparently i can't find anyone who has it, nor can i find any website that's actually selling it. It's been about 8 years now and i still haven't found it. Unfortunately, there's a version on Youtube but it's in Thai. Although i do understand Thai, just a tad bit, i can't really enjoy the movie because i have to really focus on what they're saying to understand what's going on. I just recently finished the whole movie in Thai but i'm not completely satisfied. I think i'd rather watch it in Khmer so i can actually relax and enjoy the movie itself instead of constantly sticking my ears out, listening carefully so i don't miss any words. Sarnworld's store actually has the movie in Khmer but i can't seem to contact them. I'm getting really frustrated because i've been searching so long but can't seem to fulfill what i want. Lately i've been checking these forums and found that some of the members claim that they actually have it in Khmer. I've emailed some but haven't gotten any reply back yet. So please if you have the movie please reply through this forum so we can negotiate. :)

Summary of Thepsin Interajak

Okayy, so it's about two gifted brothers who is believed to be Gods reincarnated as humans. The older brother is named Thepsin while the younger brother is named Interajak. Apparently, Thepsin was rewarded a beautiful wife that was heaven sent name Thepmonta. However, this one Giant was enchanted by her beauty so he kidnapped her while they were sleeping. Basically the whole story is about them going on a journey to get her back. Through the movie Interajak meets the Giant's daughter who's half giant and half fairy named Chantarat. At first, he thought that she was a guy because she dressed like one to disguise herself. She always followed him around and bothered him. After awhile, he found himself falling for her but at the same time he thought that he was gay because he didn't know that she was a girl. Although he suspected it, he wasn't quite sure. She looked feminine but she could be a guy who hasn't reached puberty yet. lol. Later on, he found out that she was a girl and from there he started chasing her. The roles were switched up, instead of her chasing him he chased her. They fell inlove but found it to be forbidden love because Chantarat was the daughter of Interajak's enemy, the Giant who kidnapped Thepmonta.

It's a really really good Thai boran. One of the BESTS i'd have to say. It's very entertaining. It's FUNNY, ADDICTIVE, SWEET, and, ROMANTIC. And there's a happy ending. The best ending ever!!! You'd be satisfied. No one died except for the evil people. Now when do you ever get a satisfying ending in boran movies. Through all the sweat and tears, the end is always disappointing. But this one never fails to make you satisfied. I fall in love with it each time i watch it, whether it's in Thai or Khmer. So please guys help me find the Khmer version so i can enjoy it once again in my native language. It's so much easier to understand.

Here's a picture of how it looks: ( i took pics from the previous forum and Sarnworld's store so i'm giving credit to those who posted. I don't own these pics.)

Those are the pictures of Interajak(Boy Olan) and Chantarat(Yam)
I swear they are the cutest couple in Boran history. They were cute in here.

Here's an intro from Youtube: