does anyone know how he is doing since


sarNie Egg
the fire? I saw on the talk show awhile back saying hes doing a little bit better since the fire. Anyone hear anything else? Thanks :)


sarNie Hatchling
last time i heard he went back into the hospital bc he was working too hard. i think he's back at work but they made sure he was in air conditioned room when filming.

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Thanks for sharing the details, Noiki. I hope Johnny was able to recover with minor scars. I'm glad he is doing okay.


sarNie Hatchling
he was burning leaves at his home and used too much gasoline and the fire caught onto his arms and gave him 2nd degree burns. the dr says it'll take a year to recover fully


sarNie Adult
The last time I saw on the news....he's almost completely recover.....that why he went back to finish this scary lakorn that he was doing.


sarNie OldFart
Omg.. I never knew that happened to him but its good he is all better now, his family must have been worried sick :(

I haven't seen Jonny onscreen for so long his last lakorn I remember was Jao Bao Khong Sood Tai w/ Namfon.K & Arnas but I don't think he was praek but his role was significant though.


his last lakorn was (that I saw) Taree Buhngah with Noi and Alisa, I miss him so much!!! my 4ever favo. lakorn of him was Vimarn Mekhalah, Nang Eye and Sakauw Doen, now he is host in TV show (CH7) Natee Shok Shoen (EMENGENCY)

he looks better and better, even he´s old but he looks veryyyyyyyyyyyyy smart and handsome, hope he accept someday new lakorn >.<