Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)


sarNie Coma
its gonna be primetime for sure cuz like what teedee said, p'offs lakorn usually air in the primetime slot.


sarNie Adult
So great !
Even if I don't like Mart, It's good to see Teaw be promoted with more famous actor.
Hope It will be good.


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i totally agree. very odd pairing.
they dont' looks compatible either.
i don't see the chemistry at all when i put one + one. LOl

well, who am i to judge. we'll wait and see.
thanks Wishy for the news.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yeah I think this would be an odd couple she is so tiny hehe and he is muscular haha. oh wells we will see hehe glad Taew is getting more nangek roles!! ^_^


sarNie Coma
they gonna have the opening soon!..cant wait. i hope it is a period drama. p'off made margie popular from BDJ and im sure taew will be next hehe.


sarNie Coma
omg, donut is also in here but shes the n'rai! she gone from such a nice character in BDJ to n'rai lol. so it is a period drama like what teedee predicted. yes!


sarNie Oldmaid
i actually wanted to c donut played as the n'ek.. but i guess
not tis time or ever again.. she would always be the nack up..


sarNie Coma
^^they already had the opening yesturday. donut and taew looked very pretty/cute. theres au thanakorn, chatchai and nok jariya in here as well. big cast.

credit to the webmaster @

whos the guy on the right. hes cute hehe



sarNie OldFart
Yay pics finally! Dang this lakorn should be good there's alot of good old actors like Off Pongpat, Chathchai, Au THanakorn and Nok.J :D
Taew and Mart look decent together although she is tiny next to him, Tee-Hee! Donut look evil already, l0l :p Mint is so pretty didn't know she was gonna be in this lakorn with Taew also :D I don't like there lipstick colors at all though, Yuck! Taew looks so chinese and beautiful in this lakorn, THey make her look older here.
Ahh, I cannot wait for this lakorn to air. Looks like a really good one ;)


sarNie Hatchling
I'm so disappointed. I was excited to see Donut as part of the cast, but nang rai? I wish they'd stop demoting her. She's a great actress and needs to play lead again. I hope she'll be be able to produce a great lakorn in the future and make a comeback!


sarNie Adult
This is a remake... anybody recall the old cast?

It was Nino and Chamaiporn? (The girl who played N'ek with GOT in Sao Chai Khun Mai)

Many had mentioned about the age gap, but if you know the storyline, it is crucial... I don't remember a lot but it's something to do with the N'ek being young and was not welcome due to her parent's status (they probably done something bad to make their family loose face). Sooo out of all those people who claimed they are "Poo Dee" only Mart is the one who helped the N'ek out when others look down on her. I think P'ek and N'ek are related too (uncle??) but not like BLOOD uncle so don't go EWWWW lol....I have to go hunt for the old version preview


sarNie Oldmaid
yeah i just read Mart's interview he play as Taew's uncle who lives in America and always write letters to her. he take care of her because thinks she's his older brother's daughter and he falls in love with her. so he's an old man who like a young girl. 555. so it suits to get him to play this role b/c praek is suppose to be much older than nang aek. sound romantic. kinda remind me of Por+Ja la korn. which i like. can't wait to see it.