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sarNie Oldmaid
Does anyone know how Dootv work? I'm just wondering b/c I haven't tried it before and thinking about it. How much do you pay? is it worth it and are there older lakorns on there??? You can download too right? lol Sorry a lot of questions. Thanks in advance. :)


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I think it's worth it because they have just about everything on there from Lakorns, Films, Karaokes, Concerts, News, etc.. The new page is hard to navigate and they did take down a lot of things due to copyright issues but I still think it's worth it. Yes they do have older stuff on there, you should check out the website at for pricing because it varies depending on the type of package you buy. I'm not sure about downloading though??


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I think it's worth it to join... but you just have to make sure you get your worth of subscription...
I have times where I get my subscription... and then I go MIA from the internet world... and when I come back... my subscription is over.. and.. my subscription becomes a waste :( :( :( Money down the drain... *coughcough* my fault though.
You can't "download" from them... but there are ways to "download" them... 5555555.  You just need some programs *whistles*