FF Writer!! Love it!
Lol, okay. I’ve never watched it, under aged, but old enough to know what it is. Lol So I have some in mind, but they’re more like scenarios and based off of Lakorns or my ships. So I’ll try to upload them soon.

Thank You for your feed back!:)
LOL I think the movie is terrible but the book gives u more juice. Just a head up if u ever want to watch it or read it


Hey guys! I was wondering, if I were to write fanfics, what kind of fanfics/story lines do you guys like? Please let me know.:)
I actually like anything as long as the story line is good. But like sarN, I admit to being a pervert so something racy would be totally fine too. LOL >:)

Also, wondering. It seems like not a lot of members write or read Kpop fanfictions here, so if I were to write a Kpop FF, would anyone be interested in reading?

Also, will someone please move "When a Man Loves a Woman" to complete Fanfictions?
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