Fantastic's Creation UPDATED 8/9/13


Hello so these are my creation for my fanfics and stuff,,, There not that good because my mother won't let me download a better editing thing so i had to down load a cheep one. SO I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY NA KA.
Some of these are ff poster and signature photos and profile picture ka and just fun one when i'm bored.

For the next ff poster its been deleted but i still would like to show ka.

(The next photo is a ff. that i am planning to write for a long time but don't have time so i might rethink about this one, i had this fanfic saved for almost 6-7 months ka)

(Ignore the movelikejagger, that was my old name on love-princhalida)

(This ff has been deleted or gonna be deleted by someone soon ka, if you want to read it, it's on love-princhalida)

(This fanfic was uh in my mind for like 2 years.....I just wanted to make a poster hahahaha planning to right it in the future)



Staff member
those are pretty good artwork made being non-photoshopped.
keep practicing and you'll be a pro in no time..
p.s. i started out using paint and photobucket.. but your artwork is better :)

i like the "our shadow of lies" one.. really mysterious.


sarNie Hatchling
ur pretty good for using a non photoshop program...i really like the last poster of Kim and Mak


Lol well i got really bored so i was going through Google image and just look up Yaya cause i wanted to make a slideshow of her but i decided to photoshop her hahahaha lol anyways enjoy na ka.


This is my favorite one (Bottom one)