Feelings are Issues!


sarNie Egg
Ever Like Your Teacher?

Ok, everyone, I hated it, I just can't look at his face at all, And very scare when he look back. He's one of my teacher and I can't even glance at him when he look at me back while teaching or talking to him. When I talked to him, I felt so nervous and scare, i thought that I'll never have feelings like this toward my teachers, but why now?, I'm like totally lost with this weird feelings, I just hope I could speak to him more in the future, but why am i so scare and nervous?. After talked to him, I feel happy and embarass, lol. But he's already got a wife and children, so i should stop this stupid of my weird feelings and never thought of liking him serious anyway, but need help on how to stop a feeling like this and how to speak up in the future with him....

-an article experiment