[FF] Hide and Seek


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Mario Maurer as Yuthakorn / Korn​
Mint Chalida as Karnchana / Karn​
Thriller | Mystery | Romance​
What was originally supposed to be a simple game of "Hide and Seek" between friends on a normal evening at the park turned into a nightmare for Karnchana when she fell into the pond and witnessed a murder event taking place. ​
Ahhhh, I always say this but.. I couldn't help it again.  CHADAOH is too good not to be used!!! la la la... but goodness, my writing is rusty .. yikes!!!!  Forgive me~~~


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oooh love the posters Julie! Can't wait to read this! And gosh I love your banner of them! Cuties!


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Sorry readers, I'll have the first chapter up by the end of Friday or the weekend for sure.  I have a few essays to revise and edit this week for my classes.  Sorry sorry! 
@Sarn... 555... what are you expecting?? Oh naughty you :p


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Ooooh! this is intriguing! I hope it won't be scary though because I usually read at night.  :eyetwitch: but then again...... just thinking about Mario's face, and the Chario sparks, I guess I wouldn't be able to resist reading anyways. I'll be watching out for this! 


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Chapter 1
"STOP RUNNING!  I SAID STOP RUNNING!  DO YOU WANT TO DIE!" yelled a suspicious man in black.
"I DON'T WANT TO DIE THAT'S WHY I'M RUNNING!" Karnchana retorted back as she hid behind a bush trying to catch her breath after keeping a distance. 
The man starts smiling.  "Do you really think hiding behind a bush is safe?" 
As Karnchana continued gasping for air, the sound of footsteps got closer and closer.  "Is this really how I'm going to die God?  I'm sorry Mother and Father, I...."
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Karnchana as someone grabbed her arms.  "LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!!!"
"O..ok.  But.. are you alright?"  asked a man in grey sweats with a towel wrapped around his neck.
Karnchana looked at the man and then to the surrounding.  "Where'd he go?"
The man gave her a confused look.  "What are you talking about?"
Karnchana begins shaking in fear.  "There was a man in black chasing me..."
The man begins looking around.  "Really?  I don't see anyone though."  The man saw that Karnchana was shaking so he gave her his neck towel.
"It's true..."  Karnchana begins biting her lips and nails.  "He killed someone..  HE KILLED SOMEONE!"
The man looks at the surrounding area once more but still didn't find anything to be suspicious.  "Hmm.  Alright, let's get you home and settled down first.  You're pretty soaking wet."
Karnchana looks at the man in the eyes.  "Do you think I'm lying?  You think I'm crazy huh?"
"I didn't say anything.  Come on, let me take you home first.  It looks like it's going to rain soon."
"Can I borrow your phone first at least..?"
"Sure.  Here."  The man took the phone out of his pocket and handed it over to Karnchana.  She then begins dialing a set of numbers, only to reach the voicemail in the end.
"Not picking up?" asked the man.  Karnchana nods her head in disappointment.
"That's fine, let's get going for now." said the man, trying to cheer her up.  "Alright, follow me.  My car is over here."  Karnchana follows closely behind.
As the two started walking away, the suspicious man in black came out from hiding behind a tree that was a few feet from where they were originally at.  "DAMN IT!"  He looks at them from afar as he begins pacing around.  "That lady saw my face!"  The man took a breather calming himself down and rushed off.  "Alright, plan B it is."
A/N: Okay this is a horrible start.  I apologize, I really do.  I wanted it to be dramatic but it's nothing like that and it's short instead lol.  Goodness, I'm so rough.. it's been awhile since I last wrote something.. I apologize~~~


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This is so amazing .. please chapter 2 soon i love it