[FF] Tung Tung Tee Roo (Although I Know)


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Oh my dear goodness, I've been away from the FF for a while.. but I found my old Mteam FF over at Mteam forum lol.  Never completed it but.. I think I'm going to finish writing it now since I recalled my storyline.  hopefully *crossesfingers*  It's like 2 years old...
I based the title off of Acappella 7's song of the same name "Tung Tung Tee Roo" aka Although I know.
Starring:  Mark Prin, Mint Chalida, Pope Thanawat & various features​
Genre:  Romance, Tragedy, Friendship​
Mark Prin (26 years old) is a typical man who is just living day to day. He had secretly loved his best "girl" friend Mint Chalida ever since he was a child. There were many girls who were in love with him during high school and college, but he denied them all since he was true to his heart. Although he is true to his heart, he actually never once told Mint how special she is to him, thinking that she will always be there. When he heard news that Mint was getting married, it shocked him to the very core of his heart because he never thought she would leave him. They were stuck like glue 24/7, or so he thought. He faked a smile congratulating Mint and the groom as their best man, though tears began to form from his eyes. Seeing his woman kissed the groom right in front of his eyes was the saddest moment in his life, since he knew that she is really gone now.

Mint Chalida (24 years old) is a fun-filled woman full of dreams and passion who is now happily married with her college sweetheart. She once secretly loved her best "boy" friend, which happened to be her childhood friend who she entirely grew up with. She was never popular in school since she happened to be very nerdy. She remembers staring at Mark in the past with girls clinging all over him, and him always responding that there was someone special in his heart. Mint was always saddened when she heard that, because she felt that Mark would only see her as a childhood friend. Ever since then, she had stopped loving him and moved on with her life.

Pope Thanawat (28 years old) is the loving husband of Mint Chalida. He's just an average businessman who's trying to keep, grow, and receive love since he never got it as a child. He was 4 years her senior in college, but that didn't stop him from admiring her from afar. He grew to love the nerdy girl who was full of dreams who was willing to break out of her shell. He never thought much about Mark being Mint's lover since he knew that they're just childhood friends. After he graduated from college and got a job, he popped the question to Mint thinking she was going to deny, but happily she said yes. Now they're happily married and trying to start a family.

I guess the song could count for my FF :p
credit: steveneam​


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Chapter 1
ft. Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasee

"MARK!" shouted Mint as she runs over to him. "Why didn't you stop?"

Mark turns around. "I did stop."

"No you didn't!"

"Well am I not stopping at the moment?"

Mint scratched her head. "Fine, Fine."

"So what is it?"

"P'Pope is going to pick me up later so I can't go grocery shopping with you."

Mark stood silently still. Mint moves in closer and stares at him waving her arm. "Mark? P'Mark? PRIN!!"

He snapped back to reality. "Uh yes?"

"Did you hear me?"

"Yes I did."

"So what did I say?"

"That you can't go shopping with me."

"I'm sorry Mark. I promise to go with you another day."

"No need. It'll look weird on your part."


Mark slightly giggled. "You're not my girlfriend or my lover. And besides, you're a married woman now too. I'm just surprised Pope isn't suspicious at all."

"I don't find this weird at all. We're not lovers. Just friends.. And no need to worry about P'Pope, he's a nice guy. He understands."

"Fine, fine. Well, I'll get going now. My break is almost ending."

"Ok." She hugs Mark, making him shiver in surprised. "Have fun at work. Sigh, I miss spending time with you. I'll get going now. Bye!" She starts walking toward the train station.

Mark stares at her walking away. "Bye.." he whispers as he turns the other way. "Oh how I wish you are mines instead..." He walks to his car and drove away.


"Hi Honey." smiled Mint as she calls Pope. "What are you doing?"

Pope kisses the phone. "Nothing, just sending you a kiss my love."

"Awwe. You're so sweet."

"So where's mine?" he giggles.

"I'll give you one later."

"Really? I like that, but I might want more than one."

Mint blushes on the other end and began to stutter. "I-I-I.."

"Is that a yes? or no?"

"Ummm.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" shouts Mint as someone hugs her from behind. "LET ME GO!!!"

"Do I really have to my love?"

"Huh?" she turns around in confusion.

"I missed you all day today." kissed Pope as Mint blushes.

"Don't do that ok? You really scared me."

I'm sorry my love. Come on, I'll take you out to dinner."



"Come in." answers Mark as he types out a presentation speech for work.

The lady walks in and cover his eyes. "Who is it? he asks.

"Guess." she whispers.

"I don't know."

The lady rolled her eyes as she uncovers his. "You know now?"

"Hey! Margie! When did you get back?" he says in surprise as he grabs her hands.

Someone coughs from afar. "Hey now, she's someone's property now."

Mark quickly lets go of her hand as he tries to see who it was. "Hey! Boy, you're back too!"

Boy walks over to Margie and placed his hand around her hips. Mark begins laughing hysterically. "Wow, for reals? When did this happen? I swore you two were like .."

Boy interrupts him. "Shh, for the past is the past. We live for the future."

Margie nudged her elbow into his stomach. "Stop being so cheesy. Are you almost done with work Mark? We wanted to take you out."

"Ah, yes we can go."

"Good, we'll wait for you outside."

"I'll be right out."

.........................................To Be Continued.........................................


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Chapter 2

"So where are you taking me?" smiled Mint as she wraps her arms around Pope's arm.

"Somewhere." he smiles back.

"I can never read your mind.." laughed Mint as she leans her head on his shoulder.

"Are you tired my love?" worriedly asked Pope as he touches her forehead.

"I'm fine. I'm just a little cold."

Pope takes off his jacket and wraps it around Mint. "This should warm you up for a bit. We're almost there soon."

"You're so sweet P'Pope.. I love you." She gives him a peck on the lips as she turns the other way.

"I'll give you a more satisfying kiss later.." giggled Pope as he clings tighter onto Mint.


"Just where are you two taking me?" asked Mark in confusion. "We've been going so far out."

"Just sit back and relax." laughed Margie.

"My lady is right you know." smiled Boy.

"Such a disgusting sight to see and hear." laughed Mark as he turns the other way.

"Oh come on, at least we have a special one to say it to." Margie sees Mark's frowned face from the rear mirror and punches Boy in the stomach.

"You're so rude! How can you say that to Mark!!! At least he's a loyal man!!" shouted Margie.

"Oi, I'm so sorry Mark. I didn't mean to say that.. It randomly blurted out.." apologized Boy.

Mark fakes a smile. "Oh come on you two, this is nothing. I'm over it.."

Boy looks over to Margie. "You see?"

Margie rolls her eyes at Boy. "Sure, whatever you say."

"Well, we're here." said Boy as he parks the car. "Hey.. isn't that.."

"What?" asked Margie.

"Mint.." answered Mark.

"You have good vision Mark."

"Of course, I can't let my perfect 20/20 vision go to waste." he laughs.

"Come on. Let's catch up to them." said Margie.


"P'Pope, I feel like we're being followed.." says Mint as she clings tighter onto Pope.

"That's nonsense. Who would follow us?" laughed Pope.

"SURPRISE!!!!!!" shouts Boy and Margie.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" screams Mint as she faints. Mark runs over to catch her but Pope already did.

"Sorry you two, she'll be up in a bit. By the way, when did you two get back?"

"Sorry about that.." apologized Boy and Margie. "We only meant to surprise the two of you.. nothing else really.."

"I said it's ok. No worry about it."

"Whewww, that's good. Anyways, we just got back earlier today. We're just taking Mark out."

"Ahh, I see. Hey, why don't you three join us?"

Boy, Margie, and Mark looks at each other. "That'll be fine."

....................................TO BE CONTINUED....................................
LOL, this was exactly where I stopped.  Goodness, how should I follow up.  And for of those who know me, I will always feature my faves... *coughcough* My bad habit!


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Chapter 3
Mark looked over at Mint and then over to his glass of bitter wine, slipping it slowly.  "You finally up?"
Mint covered her face in embarrassment.  "Sorry about that... I've been feeling a bit odd lately."  She looked sweetly at Pope's eyes.
Pope quickly grabbed her eyes.  "D-d-don't tell me..."
"I see." smiled Margie.  Boy looked at her in confusion.  "What do you mean 'I see'?"  Margie completely ignored him.
Mint gently nodded her head.  Pope quickly got up in excitement.  "I'm going to be a father...?  A daddy?  A father!  I'm a daddy!"  He kissed her on the forehead.  "I'm a daddy!"
Mark spat out his bitter wine in shock at what he just heard.  "Are you serious?"  He was in disbelief.  "It's only been like a few months since you two got married."
Boy joined in with Mark.  "True, true, you guys just got married earlier this Spring... and it's only the middle of Summer."
Margie pulled Boy's ear.  "Are you dumb or what?  You never know what'll happen in a marriage.  Goodness, I don't know if you'll ever be mature enough in the future.... I'm beginning to doubt our relationship." giggled Margie.
Boy drank the glass of water, trying to calm himself down.  "Ok, fine... fine."  He cleared his throat.
"Congratulations you two.  I can't believe you're expecting.  Just the thought of my dear N'Mint being a mother before me makes me a bit teary.  Papa Pope, take good care of Mama Mint you hear?  If you don't, you won't hear the end of me."  smiled Margie.
"Yes, yes, like what my Margie said.  Congratulations to you two for becoming soon to be parents!  Hopefully Margie and I will be parents too.. one day." Laughed Boy as he winks over at Margie.
Margie rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue.  "Yuck, I don't know if I'll want you to be the father of my future kids."
Boy continues winking at her.  "Oh, you'll be the mother of my children alright.  I'll make sure that it comes true one day."  Hearing this, Margie put on a sweet gentle smile. "We'll see Mr. Pakorn.  We'll see."
Mark was still in disbelief at the thought of Mint being pregnant.  Let alone being a future mother.  Let alone carrying a child that isn't his, which was supposed to be his.  He was lost in thoughts.  He knew that he should congratulate her but just the thought the she's really getting pulled further away from him hurts.  It just hurted him so much.
He waved his hand to call the waiter.  "Please bring us a bottle of champagne and a cup of orange juice please."  He looked at the two couple.  "It'll be my treat tonight, since it's such a wonderful day today."
The waiter brought the drinks over shortly.  Mark handed Mint the cup of orange juice.  "This one is yours, sadly you can't drink the champagne with us dear."  He raised his cup of champagne in the air.  "To the Thanawat family!  Congratulations on being future parents! Cheers."
"Cheers!" said everyone as they drank their glass and continue eating their food.
Mark had on a fake happy face the whole night, pretending to enjoy the time with the others.  He knows that it's definitely time to move on, but yet he still couldn't.  He continued drinking the night away.
....................................TO BE CONTINUED....................................
A/N:  Yeah, I'm an evil bastard toward Mark.. ahahaha :p j/k j/k.  I'm going fast-paced because it's been so long since I've updated it... and of course, I've gotta get the flow going.  Poor Markie boy right?  :p


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Mark!!!!!!!!!! Pope is really charming here. But MARK!!! I feel so bad for you.... Oh. Don't tell me she is going to lose the kid or never had it? Aish. Im so anxious to read the next part.


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bargie is so sweet, waiting for their own child. 'coughcough'


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Chapter 4
Pope gently carried the sleepy Mint out of the car as they got to their two-story home.  He placed her neatly on the bed and removed her flats.  He then brushed the little locks of hair away from her cozy sleepy face.  He held her hands close and kissed it ever so gently, following it to her stomach.  He silently whispered to her stomach.  "Psss, can you hear me?  I'm your father... Hello?"
Even though Mint laid on the bed sleepily, she couldn't help but giggle at her husband talking to their unborn child.  "Papa, I think our child said for you to sleep.  You're disturbing him."
Pope looked at his wife with such tender sweet eyes.  "You're truly a blessing into my life.  I never knew that love can be this special.  You've truly opened my eyes.  I'm so proud that you're my dear wife."
"I'm truly blessed to have you as my husband too.  I've never felt this special in my entire life until I met you.  I'm proud to have you as my dear husband and I'm happy to know that I'm carrying your child.  Thank you for loving me."
Pope leaned over to Mint and kissed her sweetly on the lips.  "Does this mean we can't.... you know...... anymore?"  He said in a jokingly manner.
Mint blushed away from Pope, covering her face with the pillow.  She begins to stutter.  "Uh, l-l-let's just call it a night shall we?"
Pope turned off the lights and laid on the other side of the bed, cuddling closer to Mint.  "What should we call our child?"
"How about you decide?  It's confusing." asked Mint.
"How about this.. If it's a boy, you name him.  If it's a girl, I'll name her?  Deal?"
"Why do you want to name the girl instead of the boy?  I thought all fathers wanted to name their son?"
"Well, I'm different.  I want to name our future daughter who'll grow up beautiful like you."
"So what name do you have for her?"
"Sumalee, because she'll be pretty as a flower.  How about your name for our future son?"
Mint was lost in thought.  "Hmm, how about Kasem?  I want him to always be full of happiness and love."
"That's a good name.  I like it.  Kasem, to grow up with happiness and Sumalee, to grow up pretty as a flower."  He hugged Mint in closer to him.  "Good night dear."  He kissed her on the earlobe. 
"Good night."  smiled Mint.
The two slowly dozed off to sleep, thinking about their future growing family.
Mark woke up late to work with a horrible hangover.  "I swore I didn't drink that much."
*RingRing*  (His office was calling.)
"Hello?" answered Mark as he rubbed his eyes, getting out of bed.
"Mr. Prin!  Where are you?  You're late for the meeting!  And I'm telling you.  Mr. Jensen is not too please!"
"Mr. Jensen?  Why is he there?  Our meeting with him isn't until next week."
"Did you not get my text last night?  The meeting was pushed to today, because he'll be going back to America next week for a huge deal."
Mark quickly scrolled over to his text message.  He blinked his eyes rapidly.  "Crap Jinnie, I didn't see it until now.  Try to stall him, I'll come over right now.  Do whatever you can to make him stay."
"Yes Mr. Prin, right away."
Mark quickly readied himself up and rushed out the door because at this very moment, time is money.
Mr. Jensen looked over at Mark's secretary Jinnie.  "Excuse Miss, would you happen to know what time it is?"
She looked at her watch.  "It's 11:26AM sir."
"I see."  He quickly got up.
Jinnie rushed over to him.  "Do you need anything sir?"
"No, I was just about to take my leave.  I recalled that the meeting was supposed to be at 10:45AM.  It's already way passed 30 minutes.  I find this to be very rude, since I am a very busy person."
At that very moment, Mark rushes in.  "Mr. Jensen, I deeply apologize for my tardiness."
Mr. Jensen looked at him with disgusted eyes.  "How can you call yourself a business man if you can't attend a meeting on time."
"I deeply apologize sir.  I was stuck in traffic.  If you didn't know Bangkok traffic can be quite troublesome like Los Angeles and New York traffic."
"Still, that isn't a good enough excuse.  I can cancel the contract at this very moment."
"Mr. Jensen, just give me 15 minutes of your time.. No, just 10 minutes and I'll be able to persuade you why you should stick with our company."
"Fine, I'll give you 10 minutes of my time.  You better impress me."
"I definitely will.  Please cover here to the meeting room if you'll follow.  Jinnie, please bring us some coffee as well.  Thank you."
"Right away Mr. Prin."
....................................TO BE CONTINUED....................................
A/N:  *sniffsniff*  I'm falling for my Pope.  Should I change the pra'nang? j/k j/k.  Like I said.. I'm gonna be an evil b@$tard in this FF with my storyline *sniffsniff* I hope you readers won't kill me when the time comes for me to be evil.. muahaha :p  Hope y'all enjoy this chapter.


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Noooooooo!!!!! My mark is hurting deep inside butis forced to work!!! Ah nooooo!!! Okay at first i thought matk would share his story with mr. Jensen but i guess not. Aw. If mint wasnt pregnant i would make pope and mint divorce and push mint to mark while i cling to pope. So in love with pope. Thank you for updating, even though i am supposed to be sleeping for school tomorrow.


OMG I remember this ff. I was so in love with it!!!! I fell in love with it because the poster captured my eyes! Pls update 5555+


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Chapter 5
"Mr. Prin, I must say that the 10 minute presentation was well done!  10 minutes on the dot... and I'm sold!"  exclaimed Mr. Jensen as he reached his hands out to Mark. 
Mark shooked his hand.  "Thank you sir.  I'm glad you liked it.  If I had more time it would be even better."
"No, no.  It was exactly to the point with no sugar-coats.  I'll definitely accept your proposal."
"Thanks again sir."
"Yes, yes."  He looked at his watch.  "Now, now.  I really must get going now."
"I'll walk you out."
"No need.  You're a busy man yourself."
"No sir, it'll be my pleasure."
"Fine, if you must insist."
"Thank you sir."  Mark walked Mr. Jensen out of the building. 
Pope gently swept Mint's hair to the side of the face as he gave her an ever so sweet gentle peck on the forehead.  "Did I wake you up my queen?"
Mint gently stretched her hands out, scooting up to lean on the bed frame.  "What time is it?"
"It's already 12 in the afternoon sleepyhead."
She rubbed her eyes.  "I'm still sleepy."
"Get some more rest then.. I think our child wants to sleep some more."
"No, too much rest can be bad.  I'll get up." 
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I'm sure."
"Alright then.  Wash up and come eat some late breakfast I made for you."
"Thanks dear."  As she washed up, Mint was in a bit of a surprise of what she saw.  She quickly hurried down to Pope.
Pope saw her rushing down the stairs.  "Whoa whoa... slow down... think of our child's safety.. and yours too."
Mint scrunched her nose.  "What's the meaning of this?"  She showed him the pictures.
"Ah, I got them from mother.  Weren't you a cutie-pie?"
Mint blushed.  "These are such embarrasing photos!  I'm naked too!"
"What's to be embarrased about?  You were a baby.  I must say you grew up quite well too."  He winked over at her with a smile.
Mint's face was flushing red in embarrassment.  "Ok... let's just s-s-stop it at that..." stuttered Mint.
Pope rushed over to her.  "My my, aren't you a bit .. red on the cheeks there?"  He cupped her face.  "My dear wife is embarrassed.. or is it a cold?"  He pretends to bite her nose.
Mint sighed.  "Anyways, I realized that you're not at work?  Why is that?"
"I took the day off."
He uncupped her face and grabbed her hands.  "I wanted to go make merit with you today at the temple.  It's been awhile since we've gone there."
"But we just wenttttt------"  Pope quickly covered her mouth.
"The more the merrier." He wittily smiled and walked off.
Mint continued scrunching her nose and whispered.  "Something smells fishy."
Pope poked his head back into the kitchen.  "Ah, yes I'm defrosting the fish over by the sink.." He said jokingly.
Mint rolled her eyes.  "I was being sarcastic...."
"Jinnie, can you give this document to the boss and make sure he reviews it by tomorrow?" asked Mark.
"What is it?"
"Don't tell me he's not here again?"
"Spill it."
"You see.. Mr. Preecha was here.. but left again."
"Did he say where he was going?"
"I don't know.. But I think he went to the temple again."
Mark shook his head in disappointment.  "What's up with the boss always at the temple?  He should just become a monk if he's going to be there 24/7."  He looked at the nervous Jinnie.
"Which temple is it this time?"
"I think it's the temple up North.."
"Up North?  You didn't get the name?"
"All he said was up North and that's it.."
"Fine, fine."  Mark sighed.  "I'll get him the documents myself.  If anyone calls for me, just take a message.  I'm out for today."
Jinnie opened her eyes in surprise.  "But.. but.."
"My words are final.  Good day!"  Mark left the building.
Jinnie stood there stomping on her feet.  "But I have a date tonight!"
....................................TO BE CONTINUED....................................
A/N.. sigh.. it's almost time .. almost time.  *sniffsniff*  Don't hate me when the time comes.  :p  I hope y'all enjoy the quick update.  Pope is such a sweet loving joker :3 hehe.  Ain't Mint lucky.. kekeke...


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Wanted to read more so so so so so BADLY! :D 
I love this ff because I wanted to see Mark getting hurt so badly! HAHA. LOL. evil..... But still.... I can't accept what's going to happen next because you said that it's something bad or sad.... :( 
JK. Thanks for updating!