So I'm concurrently writing three FFs: "Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai (Even if the Sky Tumbles)", "Leuard See Fah (Blue Blood)", and "Fah Likit Ruk (Heaven Destined Love)" and am now deciding to focus on one. I AM NOT DROPPING ANY OF THESE THOUGH! Just wanted to ask of readers' opinions on which one I should complete first? That is, which one do you guys like best so I'll continue updating until the end and then move on to the others.
- #1 Even if the Sky Tumbles
- #2 Blue Blood
- #3 Heaven Destined Love


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hi thatsouthernasianchick thanks 4 asking 4 opinions.  im a yadecher heart yadech dearly so would kindly ask u 2 continue wif even if the sky tumbles. hope u'll give yadech lots of cute and sweet scenes. thank u so much and will wait patiently 4 yr next update !
To my fellow FF writers, if you are writing on Microsoft Word or another word program prior to pasting your story here, I'm guessing the alignment looks funny and weird. Well I finally figured out how to fix that problem. When you are ready to paste your story, click "use full editor" in the "reply to discussion" and you should see three clipboards near the settings icon. If you hover your mouse pointer over the second clipboard, it says "paste in plain text". Click it and paste the text you copied from Microsoft Word onto there. Then, post it and you will see the normal alignment.
I don't know if anyone is experiencing this problem nor do I know if anyone else has already found the solution to this problem. Anyway, I figured it out while ago and just thought that I would share this little tip.


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^ Did you want the story deleted?  If so, I will delete it once I hear from you again :)
I have moved all non-updated FFs from June or earlier to the Incomplete section. 
If you want the story moved back, just pm or comment back and I'll move it back.
- Aiko


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I am forever going to be an incomplete FF author..
I just thought of a new one.. finally featuring Yadech and Mario/Mai ... it'll be a historical/modern FF.. gahhhh I hate myself.. grrr... :p
But I'm totally excited to write it.. in the process of making a poster.. wheee...


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pee mak ur signature that movie!
i am with you on that of being a forever incomplete author hahahah


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Can somebody please delete DuangJai Satan and Forgiveness Flowers for me. Sorry you guys I am gonna dropped them.


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Sorry to hear that. I don't even have time to sit and read let alone finish my FFs too lol but I have deleted the stories like u wanted


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nklue1 said:
Hi everyone :D
Does anyone know how to edit the title
I don't know how to. I'm still new at this :)
go to your very first post on page 1 and clic on the edit button. then click on "use full editor" then you should be able to edit from there in the next step