Flirting for Fun

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sarNie Coma
I'm a strange teenage gal. I don't have a boyfriend and i don't show any interest in any guy. But i like to flirt for fun. There is this guy in my music class and he's my buddy and i flirt just to pass time. Yet people get the wrong message and think we're dating. Is it strange to flirt for fun??? I'm not trying to get a boyfriend i just think that flirting is fun!!!!!! :blink:


sarNie Adult
LUCKY u flirt is fun especially when u don't have a bf. it's a sign of being playful, not serious getting to know peeps too. and it shows how beautiful u are when guys look take interest in u. I always think myself not attractive as pretty as some other girls cus they can wear heels, tall, nice body but myself are opposite pimples scar on the face only 4 ft and 9 inch what kind of guy would really interest in me and i can't even wear heels not that feminine person. I have a bf and when i do go alone to eat etc i would get guys ask for my number and say i'm pretty but how could i trust those men anyways. but it shows me that i'm still beautiful when i think i dont ha ha


RujRasa Fan
huh, makes me look is nothing wrong with flirting, you're just being friendly and playful, that's how my sister is she flirts with her friends and is very cheerful and playful around them but me on the other hand, is the opposite that's probably why i'm still where i am with no bf... just kidding, i don't think i'm ready for it also but the bottomline of flirting is "nothing is wrong with flirting and as long as both of you know what's really between the two of you, that's satisfactory enough."


sarNie Adult
Being Single is really fun.
Better than getting taken by a mean heartless person.
No boys (Some) can be better than your friends.
But yeah imean flirting could be fun.


Nothing's wrong with flirting. I flirt, even though I have a boyfriend lol. It's all fun. It's not like I'm gonna take the guys home for a one night stand. It's just all for fun.