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sarNie Granny
That all ? I must be the only one that have a motive then, learning to cook are requirements to prey on young men HAHAHA , lure them in by cooking dinner at the house ^^^


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I like salmon too & avocados. Back then when I eat avocados, I would eat them with condensed milk or sugar, not so healthy at all lol. But for many years now, I eat avocados by themselves. Oh and back then I would cut an avocado right in the middle but for a few years now, I cut it sideway, much easier to get the seed out lol.

@cecilia - most of the videos you posted up are from Byron lol. I like this recipe because the avocados serve as bowls, less bowls for me to wash :loool:. Pretty neat that the avocados serve many purposes lol.

@sarN - my mom says the same thing. Does this goes for women too? Lol...I want a guy to cook for me than me cooking for him lol.

I hope I find a man who is not a picky eater & a guy who I don't have to trap by my cooking hahaha.


sarNie Granny
Oh, man eat like pigs loll I have two brother who complain I cook to little , baby bro love American food & the other brother love Asian & then my parents who eat only fish if possible . I have to cook three different dishes at time! I love to cook fishes though, there so many different way to perpare it , bake , soup, fry , stream , ect , I learn most of my cooking from the temple since I was 10 years old but I advance while living overseas, I learn how to use Indian ingredients & they have hundreds of spice . I use to cook for wedding/temple/funeral in the village where resources and cooking equipment isn't like our kitchen in the state lol. I don't want to brag but all the men in the village want to marry me lolll , I'm telling ya ' learn to cook good food!


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You don't need to do that to keep him ... if he loves you he'll eat whatever you make or can't make lol
Zoe, I like his recipes because they're always simple and easy to make.