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AF has been hosting a couple of well known sites for a while now (years) but I have never announced it officially to the rest of the members.  I've wanted to make this official for a while now and was trying to find the right moment.  Now the time has come.  I have just recently upgraded our server which gave us extra room and I've created a special slot on the new server with cool features just for this. 
So what are some of the cool features I setup.  First of all there is daily backup and you can access it anytime and recover files (database I will have to manually recover).  You will be able to go back up to 30 days in time.  I've installed a very nice security module that will help secure the sites hosted on this special slot.  I've tested this module for a customer and was impressed with it so I am now using a copy for this free hosting.  I also installed a very cool script installer that simplifies everything and you can install most common open-source softwares like wordpress, smf forum, etc. with just a few clicks.  You get full access to your data with no restriction.  All typical general things such as ftp, panel, phpmyadmin, etc.. will be given.  Basically I give you all you need to have the site running but whatever you do is up to you.
For the website that AFN will host, the requirement is very simple.  I simply require a link that says something along the line of "Hosted by AFN" and will link to the main domain here.  Link will probably change to a different address later on but I will let the website know.
As for the content, I would prefer if it was Asian related entertainment but that's not set in stone.  What I want to do is to help those that have passion and time but not necessarily money or expertise. 
Some basic No No:
Just to clarify, even though I'm going to be pretty relaxed about the rules, I prefer if the website owner doesn't upload large files to share.  There are free services for that so please use that instead.  The server is design for fast speed, fast performance and transferring large files will affect performances for everyone.
What if my site become large?
There's nothing being locked up so you can always just leave anytime if the site takes up too much resources.  To be honest though, it would mean alot of traffic (perhaps 10k+ unique per day which is difficult to get) Plus I wouldn't just kick a site to the curb.  I would make some suggestions such as getting your own hardware and can do that as well (for a reasonable price that is).  But to be honest, it is very unlikely so its not something a webmaster shouldn't waste time thinking.


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Lol I have a question just for the sake of asking, a couple of people I know are thinking of bringing up an old radio station that was shut down... and like can you tell me what are some of the things I would need?? Lol Like basically can you host the website if we already have a stream? 


sarNie Adult
Yea I surely can.  Just the site right? I don't now about hosting a shoutcast server if thats what you need.  But yea you gotta give me more details..  Start a new thread ;)


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yes, i miss the radio days with the conversations and request in the chat rooms. it would be better than nice if it is revived.


It would be nice if the radio works again. I remembered coming to AF (sarnworld) just to listen to the radio.


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Wow, radio days. I did listen to it during my lurking days haha.

What's even funnier is that I actually read darvil's nerdy blog & I can honestly say, I don't understand any of it & good luck to everyone with their websites :)


sarNie Adult
Man.. I can't believe some people remember those days ;)  I guess if there's even people interested we can bring it back.  Adding in songs and stuff isn't so bad as other people can help but are people interested in DJing as well? 
As for my blog.. I guess I should post some non-techie stuff soon lol.


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^ Everytime I read your blog.. I am fascinated by how high-tech it is.. You are truly amazing.. I'm just trying to memorize CSS layout codes and.. yeah.. I have troubles already :p
It'd be awesome if you can bring back the radio days :)  I think I only caught a few live Radio DJ hosting once or twice.. and the rest was just random thai music playing.. it was cool, fun, and entertaining. 


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o_O Strange to see people still want the Radio back lol @Darvil The site I have up already lol because I ferget I had a hosting plan duhhh lol. The radio is can always  be revived but the problem is finding live DJ's lol.