From Dreams to Reality: Sammy Cowell's Road to Success


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Translated interview from Komchadluek
From Dreams to Reality: Sammy Cowell's Road to Success

Lakorn Lueam Salub Lai is currently peaking at its best. As for one of the characters that is being most talked about would be none other than the role of "Palai," which is played by Sammy Cowell. Sammy's portrayal is able to make many people believe that she is truly her character. However, before this beautiful woman was able to be where she is at today, she had to endure many obstacles. Today, Sammy will open up and have a heart to heart conversation with Kom Chad Luek News about each matter.
Life On Screen
From my point of view, Palai is an ordinary woman who puts up a fight with life and is very pitiful. However, she is the kind of person who appears very strong  and confident in herself. She doesn't have a family. She always lived life on her own. From what I understand about her character, I have a lot respect towards her. The role of Palai is very different from who I am. However, there are some similarities like P'Choo, the director of this lakorn, have tried to bring out in me. He wanted me to place myself in Palai's shoes when she is happy. However, during her darkest moments, I had to do my own research. I read the novel first. As for other aspects, P'Choo told me to go watch this and that movie to see how other actors give their performances, but he didn't tell me to copy them. He just wanted me to watch and observe the traits and personality of that character since I'm unable to do so with a person that I am close to or use my own personal experience because I have never experienced what Palai's character has encountered in her life. This role is very difficult. Nonetheless, I have to give credit to the director, P'Choo, because he worked very hard on every character from home. He'd write them down and come on set to further explain to us. He is very detailed and specific. It's not that we imitate everything from him because there are some things that P'Choo and I interpret differently. We'd find a way to bring the best out of that character.
How challenging was Palai's role for you?
The most difficult part about this role is that the lakorn revolves around events that I've never experienced in my own life. In other words, I have never encountered any of the things that my character went through. This makes it difficult for me to truly know how it feels to be in her situation. I'm not able to say that I fully understand her character. Honestly, from a woman's perspective,  if I were to experience what Palai experienced, I don't know if I will be able to handle it. It's difficult. I'm lucky to have P'Choo and the crew team help me. This made it possible for me to portray Palai and bring her character out.
For this role, you also collided with Rodmay also.
With P'Rodmay, we already know each other from lakorn Koo Kik Prik Ga Gluea.  We can say that they brought out the whole group (laughs). I'm just joking. While filming Lueam Salub Lai, I wasn't able to speak much with P'May while we were on set because each person was focused on their scripts/roles. For this lakorn, there's no physical confrontation that requires us to get physical and slap one another. From the way the script was written, it's more of a verbal confrontation. It's a different kind of fun. Even though this kind of confrontation may not seem tiring, but we have to use a lot of our inner emotions, which is no different from being tired from physical labor. Even though we have to use a lot of our inner emotions, which was very tiring, it was fun in a different kind of way 
This was the first time you worked with New. How did you view him?
It's like how everyone sees him on the outside. Exactly like everyone thinks. He's reserved, well-mannered, and adorable. However, the person I see is dirty P'New. He's a prankster (laughs). He becomes an adorable person who pranks while being his calm self. For example, he'd eat a mango and put the whole thing in his mouth. Afterwards, he take it out and put it on the table on the plate like before. He'd wait to see who comes and eat it. Even if someone comes to eat it, he doesn't tell that person either. The director was the one who ended up eating it (laughs)(Ew New that's gross, not at all funny). He likes to prank but he doesn't speak much. He likes to bother and tease me. He'd say that I'm an envious child who easily gets upset. It started from when I bought a new camera to take photos on set. I'd encourage P'New to buy it, the assistant director to buy it, and the director to buy it. Everyone's camera can change lenses and zoom in and out, but the camera I bought was a brand that couldn't change lens or zoom. It came to the point that everyone kept talking about it until I feel a type of way about my camera. Like, was I wrong for buying this brand? And P'New would say that I am jealous because everyone else likes to take his camera to take pictures. He'd say it until I feel wrong.  I feel like the characters who are being criticized in this lakorn (makes an upset face).
You're a n'ek who always plays with different p'eks. 
This requires me to learn how to make adjustments and adapt from before. I'm not the type to be friendly with people. However, when I have to pair up with someone or play best friends with someone, I have to adjust myself. But with this production crew, it's the director and work crew. I have spoken to them before which makes it easier for me to feel relaxed. Suppose I were to work and feel uncomfortable or unhappy. Although it won't be a problem, but it may have a negative effect on my performance.  Like when I'm about to work with a new production, I would relax and try to associate myself with everyone around me.  
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Personal World
How long have you been in the industry?
For about 7-8 years now, almost 10 years. It's been a long time and it passed by so quickly. Many people told me that the longer you stay in the industry, the more your life will change. However for me, nothing has changed. I still live my life like before. It didn't change to the point that the front of my hand started looking like the back of my hand. I still live my life the same
What is the real Sammy like?
I'm like a fearless man. I like my personal space. I'm the type of person who doesn't have the best human relations. It's not that I'm arrogant. It's just that I don't know what to talk about with someone I'm not close to or know too well. I'd smile at them and greet them like the usual. But honestly, I really don't know what to say. How do I  approach them to start a conversation? I like to keep to myself. But if I'm with someone I'm close to, I will go all out. When I first started working in the industry, this had a small impact on me because I'm the type of person who likes to be direct. Whatever I think, I will speak it. When I started at 15 or 16 years old, I didn't know how things should be because my life before that was spent mostly at home. If not spent at home, I'd go to school. I didn't know how society or the real world was like. As an individual person, I was a young kid that did as I pleased. Whatever I thought, I would speak out on it. Whatever I felt I would speak on it directly. I wasn't fake. When I first started, I'd speak my mind and be direct. But I never bothered anyone or do things to harm them. When I'm too direct or appear too stubborn, that is with everyone, even with my own family. This made some people who don't know me too well think that I'm a difficult person. The experiences I gained with time through working helped me carefully learn how to become more mature.
Does liking personal space and keeping to yourself ever had an impact on you while working in the ET industry?   
Elders from the channel would warn me because they received some complaints that I don't have any manners, things along that line. When they advise me, I was willing to listen. If you ask whether I was upset, I wasn't. But I would sit and try to figure out what I did wrong. I would think back and think about times I meet people I know and do not know. I do greet them. But the thing about me is that I'm bad with remembering people's names. However, I remember faces. That then makes people think that I'm arrogant. There's so many things. Each time the elders advise me, I'd listen. I'm not the type to think too much. 
What has the industry taught you?   
It taught me how to be responsible. When I was younger, my biggest responsibility was to complete my homework and turn it into the teacher. Even if we didn't do it, it'll be all right. However, working in the ET is different because it's work. We meet a variety of people so it makes me feel that I cannot be neglectful. I can't be like I was when I was younger. I consider myself lucky for starting young. It taught me how to grow mature and allowed me to learn many things. It helped me progress.
You've also landed in the news many times. How do you feel each time you read the news?
Honestly, I've encountered it all. From news pertaining to dating this and that person, it's normal. I also had news where I was accused of being a third hand, pregnancy news, being a gold digger, news about my weight, and news about doing drugs. That's almost everything. But I was never stressed. I never brought it back home to think about. I ignore it because I look at it more as a joke. Like I said, I'm not the type to think too much. Worrying about trivialities will only make us tired. Like people who come to comment and criticize. We don't even know who they are. Why should we think about what they say? Just know where we stand, what we are doing, and are not doing, that's it. The end. I only think this much.    
Love Life
How does Sammy view love?
Love is a good thing and everyone should have it in their life. But sometimes, it's not possible for love to be rushed so that it'll happen today or tomorrow. You have to let it happen naturally. I still see it as something that is mandatory to have in life. 
Do your past relationships have an effect on the decisions you make when it comes to opening up your heart to someone new? 
There isn't any. Past relationships that have already passed will be in the past. They won't have an impact on my decision to open up my heart to accept or close off anyone. But right now, I just don't have anyone coming into my life. It has nothing to do with being afraid to love due to past relationships. If people ask me is it because I don't want to be in love, that's not true. It's not that I don't want to but it's more that it's not the right timing, along with the timing for work, and the people who enter my life as well. They just haven't entered my life at this moment. I'm not searching or waiting. It's probably because I'm not focusing on it. Everyone who came into my life right now are all friends. I'm not closing myself off.     
If you do have a new lover will you open up about it?
If we are clear about where we stand, I will certainly open up about it. I'm not going to hide it. But if we are unclear about where we stand. Like if we are still friends, or still talking, or just don't know what we will be, I don't see the point in saying anything because it's still unclear. It's better to wait until it's certain first then speak. People will look at us as unreliable or inconsistent.
We are happy to have learned more about Sammy na ja.

This was a very LONG interview but for the love of Sammy, I translated it . Lol. I actually learned many things about her from this interview. I like her as a person. She's kind of similar to Matt. I'm starting to see a pattern with the types of actresses I favor. They all have similar personalities to one another. I can relate so much to Sammy in the making friends department. I'm a friendly person but  I tend to give off an unfriendly vibe when people first see me since I tend to keep to myself. Haha. It's not that I'm arrogant; I really just don't know how to start a conversation with someone I don't know. I loved all her answers. The way she looks at things made me see things in a different light. Definitely going to use some of her advice to help myself along life. I am so so happy that she's starting to get the recognition she deserves. She's been getting so much news coverage for her role as Palai. She is nailing it so far. 


sarNie OldFart
ahhh...same here..i'm similar to her...i'm respectful but I'm not an extervort who can easily talk to takes time for me to warm up and get to know someone....
thanks for the translation...glad she is getting recognize and getting more roles


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Thanks for translating I've always been a sammy fan and after reading the article I adore her even more. 


The Dahlia Goddess
I like Sammy but I've only seen one lakorn of hers only. It was the one where she played second to Min for a twin lakorn with Aom, I think. Ugh ch 7 is too strict on allowing fans to sub their lakorns. :/


sarNie OldFart
I can understand and relates to what she is saying. I'm never a good first impression never. If anyone wants to get to know me then never go by first impression because it'll be a failure. I don't make friends easily and I have a hard time keeping conversations going with people I don't know. It takes years to build a friendship but once it's done...I keep my friends for life. I honestly, can call someone truly a friend when I know I love them and accept them for all their flaws...and that takes a lot cause people tend to annoy me easily.

Sammy, will be more known for her talent now and can stand on her own wn because she's scattered all around the pra'eks without one in particular. I root for those kind of gals...the ones that work hard by themselves without a "couple" popularity contest. I want her with Weir next.


sarNie OldFart
agree Byebye...i'm pretty much the same way....and I also want her w/wier....a slap/kiss many 90's remake I would love to see....I would love them in the Ann/Jarkit remake where they had to care for her sister baby (p'k dad rape her) such a good lakorn. I would love her to reunite w/om again for their own lakorn. I like how she started from the bottom and on her way top. I'm sooo sick of "koo kwan/Jin" and appreciate her/matt/mint C. for just being on their own w/o one.


sarNie Oldmaid
Love Sammy since Bundai Dok Ruk with Om. Both their characters were adorable


sarNie OldFart
People are applauding him for his role as Prieow in LSL. I found his character annoying and his portrayal wasn't all too great.