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Characters introduced into this chapter are:
Noey Chotikul as Macy Wongwilas
Ploy Pattrakorn as Joy Supakul
Chapter 4:
Keeping her distance from him, Saifon kept a close eye on the man. He looked like he was deep in thought, maybe wondering who he was. Could he be an angel who fell from above to rescue her and then lost his memories because of the fall? Saifon let out a laugh just thinking that.
  "Why are you laughing?" the man asked.
Saifon snapped out of her imagination and looked to him to find his face only a few inches away from hers. A smile could be seen spread across his face when she looked down at his lips.
  "I still can't think what my name is." the man stated.
Saifon backed away shyly and turned away.
  "Why don't I just find a name for you then?" Saifon asked being sarcastic.
  "Oh, good idea." he replied, "It'd be easier than having to try and remember my name."
Saifon let out a small giggle that he could clearly hear.
  "What are you going to name me?" he asked.
  "I was just kidding." Saifon replied.
  "But I want you to name me, I can't think of anything." he stated.
Saifon looked to him in pity. Here is a wonderful man who has lost his memory standing right in front of her, asking her to help name him. She stared at him, wondering what name would fit him.
  "Angel..." Saifon said, since she thought he was an angel, "Tawan....Teywan..."
As she said those names, she turned a whole 360 and back to face him.
  "How about Teywan?" Saifon suggested.
He stared at her deep in thought just before jumping in excitement.
  "Teywan! I love that name, thank you thank you thank you!" 'Teywan' shouted.
Between the shouting and jumping, he accidentally bumped into Saifon, almost causing her to fall off the dock into the water if he hadn't grabbed her. The sudden tug caught her off-guard as she flew forward straight into his chest. His arms were wrapped around her as her head leaned down on his shoulder and she could barely breathe. Lifting up her head to look at him in the face, she met with his eyes once more.
  "My name is Teywan." Teywan said in a soft whisper, his warm breath touching her cheeks.
She could feel her heart skip a beat, and sure enough, he could hear it too. It took a few seconds for Saifon to pull away and turned the other way blushing. She noticed Mann had returned and was standing there staring at them the whole time.
  "What were you doing?" Mann asked.
Saifon wiped the sweat off her forehead.
  "I was going to fall so Teywan helped me." Saifon explained.
Mann looked up with a gleeful smile.
  "Oh, you remember your name?" Mann questioned, "That's great, now you can go back where you came from."
Saifon looked at Mann guiltily as Teywan just stood there looking innocent.
  "Um... actually I gave him that name." Saifon informed.
  "Oh." Mann's smile faded.
Teywan jumped down the dock and walked over to Mann, reaching his hand out for a handshake. Mann raised his eyebrow in curiosity.
  "What's that?" Mann asked.
  "Nice to meet you, my name is Teywan," Teywan said, "What's yours."
  "Um...Mann." Mann replied, still looking at Teywan's hand.
Teywan looked confused and turned to look at Saifon.
  "No hand shake?" Teywan questioned.
Mann ignored Teywan's question and went up to where Saifon stood.
  "Saifon, if he doesn't remember who he is, then how will we know where to send him?" Mann asked in a whisper.
  "We'll have to take him to Tongbai and call for a town meeting." Saifon replied, "By the way, what was the town meeting about?"
  "Oh, the elders agreed for Ton to marry Kaew." Mann informed.
Saifon's eyes beamed with joy as she grabbed onto Mann's arms.
  "Really?!" he squealed, jumping up and down, "I'm so happy for them!"
Mann secretly smiled within his heart with just the little things Saifon does like holding his arms and smiling at him. But it felt awkward, Mann felt like he was being spied on. He turned to the side to find Teywan staring at them only a foot away. Mann jumped and Saifon let go of him.
  "I'm happy too!" Teywan shouted.
Mann and Saifon bursted out laughing and Teywan joined them. Mann, wrapped his arm around Teywan's shoulders.
  "I have a place to show you." Mann said.
He half dragged half pulled Teywan toward the village as Saifon followed closely behind.

Phuket, Thai land:
Loading onto the rescue boat, Mr and Mrs, Tangsrisuk headed out for a search. They hadn't informed anyone about this. As the boat pulled out of the dock, Pranon came running. The ship station had called to tell him about his parents whereabouts just like he had asked them to. He was too late for the boat had already been too far out to reach. Pranon sat down on the bench by the beach as tears came to his eyes.
  "What do you see me as?" Pranon questioned, "If it was me out there, would you have done this?"
Pranon was torn apart. He didn't want to believe what Yod had said to him, but his parents actions spoke the truth. He had been worried sick about them, yet when they reached him, they didn't lift their face up to look at him. Pranon had tried keeping his tears in, but they came out on their own as he clenched his fists.

From afar, curiously watching Pranon cry, stood Joy Supakul, One of Tawan's very good friends. Joy made her way over to Pranon, standing over him. Pranon looked up to find her standing there. He quickly wiped the tears off his face as he didn't want anyone to see him cry. Joy was taken aback when she realized that he was crying. As she stood up, she reached out and grabbed his arm.
  "Pranon, why are you crying?" Joy questioned, "Why are you here. didn't you go on the trip?"
Pranon swallowed down his saliva as he turned to answer her.
  "I missed the trip." Pranon replied.
  "Is that why you were crying?" Joy asked playfully.
  "I'm not a kid anymore." Pranon answered seriously, "The ship got into an accident."
Pranon broke the news to her. Joy's smile faded when she heard this, her heart began beating heavily in fear. She grabbed Pranon with both of her hands and stared into Pranon's eyes.
  "Where's Tawan?" Joy asked, "Are you telling me the truth?"
Pranon jerked away causing Joy to fall to the ground crying. He looked down at her, feeling bad. The first girl he had ever had feelings for was once again crying for his little brother who never looked at her as anything more than a friend. That heart tearing feeling came back although he had already met the person that was meant for him. Pranon remembered back in the days when they were still studying.

Pranon held out the rose that he had bought especially for Joy on Valentines day. Joy looked down at his hands then back up at him. He had a huge smile on his face.
  "Joy, please be my girlfriend." Pranon said.
  "Um...I..." Joy hesitated, "I'm sorry, but I just want to be friends."
Pranon's heart fell, but he kept his smile on to hide his broken heart. He thought back to when Tawan told him that Joy was interested in him. Pranon could always tell that Joy liked Tawan by her actions. Pranon wasn't going to admit his feelings until Tawan told Pranon that Joy likes to talk about Pranon all the time.
  "I know." Pranon said, "I was just kidding, you will be my great friend."
Joy's worried expression immediately disappeared when he said he was kidding.
  "Oh, hahaha." Joy laughed, "You got me so worried."

-------------End of Flashback--------------
When Pranon snapped out of the pass, he realized Joy was still on the ground crying.
  "Tawan fell off the ship alright!" Pranon shouted, "Why does everyone have to go and worry about him?! Has anyone ever thought about my feelings?!"
Joy jumped at his shout and got up, using her sleeves to remove the tears on her cheeks.
  "Pranon, why do you say that?" Joy asked, "You know how much Tawan loves you, he didn't date me because he knew you liked me."
Pranon glared at her, his eyes turning red from all the pain he held inside.
  "All the things he did for you, your parents loved you ever since they adopted you till this day!" Joy exclaimed.
Pranon thought about all the things that the family had done for him, gave him a home, gave him memories to remember and gave him the warmth that he could ever want. Pranon nodded his head. His eyes softened as they looked at Joy. Pranon pulled Joy into a hug and let himself cry.
  "Joy, I'm sorry" Pranon apologized, "Thank you for reminding me, you really are a great friend."
Joy let herself cry as well as she hugged him back.
  "But you have to go help look for Tawan, he could be in danger." Joy said.
Pranon nodded.

As they were hugging, Wi had witnessed everything back from the street where she had stopped at the red light. She had been driving out from the hospital to get lunch. Her head was beginning to spin from all the thinking of possibilities as to why Pranon would be hugging another girl.
Orange County, California: Wongwilas Mansion
Glass and metal could be heard as Macy threw a fit about her father being so strict and having secretly engaged her to a man she has never known before. This was America and she has the right to do whatever she wanted, yet she has to come and bow down to her father's orders. The housemaid, Jia, who came once everyday to clean their mansion tried to stop Macy by hugging her from the back. Macy managed to escape and threw more things onto the ground and down the stairs.
  "Why do I have to do what that man wants me to do?!" Macy shouted, "He's always on his little trips and I never see him, how does he have time to control my life like this?!"
She grabbed the thousand dollar vase that was on the stand in the hallway and was about to throw it down the stairs.
  "Macy, please don't throw that," Jia pleaded, "Even if you don't care for the vase, please think of the person who has to clean it afterwards."
Macy frowned at the maid a let out a sigh before setting the vase back where she got it. Jia let out a sigh of relief as Macy turned to go to her room.
  "Oh my god, Jia, clean this mess up now, every single piece." Macy ordered, trying to find a way to her room.
As soon as Macy sat down on her bed, the telephone rang. She let out a shriek of annoyance before answering the phone with a calm voice.
  "Hello, Macy Wongwilas speaking." she said.
  "Hi Macy, It's me calling from Thai land." the lady on the other end replied.
  "Oh, Suzy, is there anything I can do to help you?" Macy questioned.
  "The Stanley airport assistant called and wanted to have a meeting with your father." Suzy answered.
Macy rolled her eyes.
  "My dad didn't answer his phone again?" Macy said, "Well tell them that my father is busy right now so they will have to wait for the next two months because his schedule is packed."
  "But they want to meet him by next week." Suzy stated.
  "Hey, I said for them to wait till March, if they can't wait then don't, they can find someone else to do business with." said Macy, "I have to go now."
Macy hung up before Suzy could even say anything. From frustration, Macy screamed at the top of her lungs before letting herself fall back onto her bed.

Deuan Island:
The people from the village stared at Teywan like he was from a whole different planet. The kids loved him though as they ran to punch him then ran away. Teywan though just stood there looking back at the people in curiosity. Why were they looking at him like this, haven't they ever seen humans before? Saifon and Mann stared at Tongbai waiting for him to tell them what they were supposed to do.
  "Where are you from?" Tongbai asked.
  "I don't know." replied Teywan.
  "What's your name?" questioned Tongbai.
  "Teywan." answered Teywan.
  "If you don't remember then how do you know your name?" Tongbai wondered.
Teywan looked to Saifon and let out a giggle. Saifon frowned at him and gave him a little pinch.
  "Don't laugh." Saifon whispered to him.
Teywan frowned back at her, rubbing his arm where she had pinched him. Mann noticed their movements and cleared his throat.
  "Uncle Tongbai, Saifon gave him that name," Mann informed, "But what  do we do with him?"
Tongbai looked at them in thought.
  "I think that since he saved Saifon, he's not a bad person." Tongbai replied, "And since Saifon gave him his name, why don't we have him stay with Saifon for now."
Mann's eyes widened in shock.
  "But we can't, she.....and he's..." Mann stuttered.
Teywan wondered what all the reaction was for. Saifon smacked Mann on the shoulder.
  "It's fine, he can stay with me, I'm not home often anyways." Saifon stated.
Mann looked down at Saifon with worried eyes.
  "But..." he said.
  "It'll be fine." Tongbai interrupted.
Tongbai came over and wrapped his arm around Mann's shoulders and dragged him off a little further from where Saifon stood.
  "Saifon isn't home often so they won't meet and she needs someone to help clean her hut too." Tongbai said.
Mann squinted his eyes at Tongbai is question, still not understanding what Tongbai meant.
  "He'll be the house maid then." Tongbai explained, "So Saifon won't have to do it and she'll have more time to spend with you."
Mann finally got it as a huge grin appeared on his face. Nodding, Mann turned back to Saifon and smiled.
  "Fine, he can stay with you." Mann agreed.
Teywan was suspicious of Mann and Tongbai. Tapping Saifon's shoulder, he whispered into her ear.
  "What were they saying?"
Saifon turned to face him in annoyance. Every time he got close to her like that, it was hard to control her heart.
  "Like I know," Saifon replied, "I was here with you the whole time."
  "Oh." said Teywan.
Mann noticed the look in Saifon's eyes, a look that he had never seen before, but he shrugged it off, not thinking too much of it. Hurrying over to Teywan's side, Mann gave him a nod and half dragged him back to Saifon's hut.
Saifon stayed behind and went over to Tongbai.
  "Uncle Tongbai, what did you say to Mann to convince him?" Saifon asked.
Tongbai let out a laugh.
  "I know a few tricks." Tongbai answered.
With a big smile. Saifon thanked Tongbai and went after Mann and Teywan.

Wongwilas Mansion:
As quiet as he could, Mr. Wongwilas opened the door to Macy's room to give her a goodnight kiss. She was lying on her bed with no blanket on. Her room was messy as usual and Mr. Wongwilas could see as he made his way over to the bed. Gently sitting on the side of the bed, he patted Macy's head.
  "Goodnight sweety." he said.
Macy yawned and turned around to face him. She was smiling in her sleep, as quiet as an angel, not like when she would argue with him. The thought of that brought a smile to his lips.
  "Macy, I hope you understand what I did, I only want the best for you." Mr. Wongwilas whispered.
He gave her one last pat before standing up to go. To his surprise, Macy sat up in bed.
  "Dad?" said Macy, "Sometimes what you see as the best, may not be the best in my eyes."
Mr. Wongwilas turned to look at her. Though sitting up, Macy's eyes were still shut.
  "Sleep talking." Mr. Wongwilas said with a chuckle.
Turning off the light. Mr. Wongwilas closed the door. When she was sure her father was gone, Macy opened her eyes and sighed.
  "I wasn't sleeping, the light was too bright." Macy complained.
She gave up and just went back to sleep.

Phuket, Hospital:
Since Wi got back from her lunch, but her mind was still on Pranon and the woman he was with. She couldn't focus on her papers when the nurse, Jane, came to get her.
  "Doctor Wi, a patient came in with a leg injury and needs stitching." Jane informed.
Wi nodded.
  "I'll be right out, take her to the prop room." Wi said.
Jane left and Wi cleared her desk quickly before heading out. As she got to the prop room, she spotted Pranon standing outside the room. Wi hesitated to go in. Pranon turned to find her standing there looking at him.
  "Wi, good thing you're here," Pranon said, "Why don't you go in?"
  "Oh, yeah." Wi smiled and went into the room.
She found Joy, the same woman that Pranon had been hugging earlier, sitting on the bed with Jane cleaning out the wound on her leg.
  "Oh, Doctor Wi is here." Jane said, "She'll be taking over from here."
Joy nodded and gave Wi a smile, but with the pain it came out more of a frightened expression. Wi let out a laugh.
  "Don't be afraid, it'll only hurt a little." Wi informed.
  "Oh, I'll be fine, I've experienced worse." Joy replied as Jane left the room and Wi came with the needles.
She took out the tools that she needed and began stitching.
  "So how did this happen?" Wi questioned, wanting to know what Joy and Pranon were doing.
  "My friend and I were talking when a bunch of guys ran by and pushed me to the side of the sidewalk and my leg got scratched on a metal piece." Joy explained.
  "The guy out there is your friend?" asked Joy just to make sure.
Joy nodded.
  "We've known each other since our university days." Joy informed, "He used to like me, but I only think of him as a friend."
Wi looked up when Joy had mentioned Pranon liking her. Joy smiled and Wi looked back down at her work, finally finishing it. Cleaning up the tools, Wi talked to Joy.
  "Since you just got the stitches, you aren't allowed to walk on it for a week. I'l have a pair of crutches assigned to you." Wi informed, "And at the end of the week you can return them here."
  "Okay, thanks." Joy replied.
Wi handed the pair of crutches to Joy and they both went out. Pranon stood up when they came out.
  "Wi, how is it?" Pranon questioned.
  "Right now she got stitches so she'll have to use crutches." Wi answered.
  "You know each other?" Joy asked.
Pranon nodded and pulled Wi closer.
  "This is Wi, my fiance." Pranon introduced, "And Wi, this is Joy, a close friend of mine and Tawan's"
Wi nodded and smiled, reaching her hand out for a hand shake.
  "Nice to meet you." Wi and Joy said at the same time.
Finally hearing that they were only friends from Pranon's own lips, she felt better.
  "Well you better send her home then." Wi said.
Pranon nodded and gave Wi a hug before leaving with Joy.

Deuan Island:
Mann let out a laugh when he imagined Teywan doing all the housework. Before he knew it, Saifon had given him a loud smack on his shoulder. Mann snapped out of his daydream and looked up to Saifon.
  "Yes?" Mann asked.
  "I said, go and get some of your clothing for Teywan, he's a guy and mine can't fit onto him." Saifon ordered.
Mann gave a big chuckle and stood.
  "Believe me, he'll look wonderful when he comes out." Mann replied.
Saifon looked at Mann in confusion.
  "So you got him some clothes already?" Saifon wondered.
Just like to answer her question, Teywan stepped out from the tiny fitting room. The way he looked, both Mann and Saifon couldn't hold in their laughter. Although the shorts were a pale brown, but they were so tight and so short it looked like an underwear. The shirt was light faded out pink that was so short it didn't cover his belly button. Teywan stared at them in question.
  "What is it?" Teywan asked.
  "Why are you wearing my clothes?" asked Saifon.
Mann still couldn't stop laughing, it was to the point where he was literally lying on the ground covering his stomach. Saifon tried to hide her giggle as well as she gave Mann a little kick.
  "You look like a she-male!" Mann shouted out pointing at him, still unable to control himself.
Saifon went over to Teywan and pushed him back into the fitting room.
  "Take it off, it doesn't look good on you." Saifon stated with a laugh.
Teywan stopped and turned back to her.
  "But I like it, it's comfy." Teywan protested.
This made Mann laugh another round. Saifon stared at him in questioned.
  "This?" Saifon said pointing to the clothes on him, "feels comfy?"
Teywan nodded with a huge grin on. Saifon sure was shocked.
  "Please let me keep it on." Teywan pleaded.
Saifon looked over to Mann, who had now managed to hold in his laughter and stood up behind her, for help.
  "Let him keep it on, he likes it." Mann said.
Saifon buried her face in her palms.
  "Alright, but only for today." Saifon agreed.
Hearing this, Teywan let out a "Yay!" from glee and grabbed Saifon's hands, jumping up and down. Mann hurried over and pulled Teywan's hands away from Saifon's and began jumping with Teywan as well. With a look at the two men, Saifon could tell this was going to be a headache for her.


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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA NONG!!!!! I love this chapter! Teywan's so funny! Hahaha. I could really imagine him being so hyper and liking pink bwaahahahhahaha. I also love Mann and Teywan. hahaha. they're so adorbs. and of course Teywan and Saifon. Kyaaaah! She likes him already. 
I love Pranon's character. He's so pitiful yet I'm glad he gets through and he's (still) nice.
I can't wait for Teywan and his other funny antics! Hope you update soon!


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Chapter 4?? I forgot about this. I should catch up soon