Getting the right lakorn


sarNie Adult
He is playing in really good lakorn lately and he getting 2 be one of my favorite actors. Played w/ Cherry then Khem in Nang barb and now w/ Aum he gonna be a really big star


sarNie Elites
yeah I'm addicted to LomHuan right now. He's so good in it. Almost thought that he's really retarded... I like him too!


sarNie Adult
I like him with Khem in Nang Barb...He is getting very hot and cute...Love Aum...He is a raising and talent actor...Keep up the great work.


sarNie Adult
Mara Phang said:
Aum is awesome!! He's HOT, sexy, and talented...what more can you ask for? I adore him...
I'm with you.

Just curious...does he has any lakorn out after the one with Benz???? Please share!!!