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If anyone interest in helping and join Jai Lao Foundation in their Humanitarian Mission to help these precious childrens please visit Jai Lao Foundation facebook page or their webpage at   You can also click on their "DONATE" link on the website to donate via their paypal. As little as $5.00 donation can make a huge difference in someone life. 
PLEASE check out and read posts on their facebook page for their recent humanitarian trips Feb 17- 29, 2016

Message from President and Founder:
Can you imagine your children having no shoes and warm clothes, especially when the weather is cold and rainy? No amount of adaptation will keep a child warm and safe from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. On Jai Lao's last mission to Laos in Xieng Khouang province visiting eleven villages there was one common thing I observed. The children ran around without shoes and coats more so than adults yet it is them who needs it much more with their more delicate cheeks and hands to protect. I didn't plan on returning to Laos till December with my family, but the images I saw consumed me to decide right there in Laos that I'd be back as soon as I can gather more coats and shoes for these deserving children. Some may think I'd be desensitized to seeing the conditions of the poor children the more I see them, but instead I'm more sensitive and compassionate each time I visit them in the villages. I've left Laos with haunting feelings that I need to do more as a mother myself and empathizing how these poor mothers must feel not being able to provide even for the basic needs of her children.
Jai Lao's mission is to build schools, thus building hope for the children's future. To date we have built five schools in the rural villages of Laos and will continue to build more. But if we build these schools, and the kids can't come because it's too cold to attend school, then what good are our schools? We also have to help provide the fundamental human needs of the children to feel loved and cared for so their faith in humanity helps them strive for a better future. These children don't need much in life to be happy and healthy. They're so grateful to receive even just sweet treats from us so to be given new coats, shoes and other winter wears is like a dream come true for them. I wish you could have witnessed in person what my team and I saw and felt as each child was given a coat. The look of pure joy and gratitude is a language that needs no translation. It's the most humbling and rewarding feeling in the world to me.
Monsoon season is coming up, and the children living high in the mountains of Laos does not have adequate clothes and shoes against all that rain and mud while walking to and from school. On our last mission we received a lot of adult coats, and sadly for that many children who needed it most, didn't get any. 500 coats and 2,200 blankets just isn't enough. We are shooting to help much more than eleven villages this time. We want to outfit every child in every village we visit with the right gear to stay warm and be able to walk comfortably to school. It was just too heartbreaking for me to witness that the children were left behind and had no voice if they're cold or hungry.
Please join me and Jai Lao in our efforts to help bring warmth and hope to the children of Laos. Hope starts in our hearts. Charity starts at home, but we can carry both hope and charity far across oceans and seas to a special place called Laos, where tucked high in the mountain tops time and the people are lost or forgotten. The road less traveled is often times the road with the most beautiful and bright smiles of gratitude and humbleness, qualities that are most endearing in humanity. If you don't have gently loved items to donate you may also make monetary donations for as little as $5 to help us purchase blankets and umbrellas in Laos. Or you can buy new items from many stores online and have them shipped directly to Jai Lao. A lot of stores have clearance winter wears right now so you'll get more bang for your bucks plus better quality than if we had to purchase in Laos. Please stick to donating to only items requested for, because anything outside of our requests we will not take. We are planning on renting half of a shipping carton to fill up with all of these donated items.
On behalf of the foundation, I thank you for all your generous support of the last mission we embarked on. Your generosity and compassion in less than two weeks time helped raise over $11,000 and 500 coats! We have close to six weeks to gather as much as we can for these sweet and precious children before the deadline. Let's all come together not just as a Lao community, but as humanity helping each other regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnicities, etc. We are all born innately good with desires to do and be good so let's naturally do what we are born to do... Help each other.
Also, I wanted you to know that I and a few of my team members will personally make the trip (again and always funded by ourselves) to hand deliver all these items to the children in the villages. The last mission proved to be challenging, but having walked a day in their lives only fuels our drive to serve and help these children even more. Rest assure that we believe that 100% of your kind and compassionate donations should go towards the children. Thank you again for your faith and support of Jai Lao's work and mission.
Trip from 2 weeks ago #Coatsblanketsdrive

Note: I have no associate with JLF other then wanting to help spread their words and good hearts to reaches out to as many peoples as possible that will be kind and fortunate enough to help out.


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Just a reminder, you can also send your used or new children winter gears to:
By Mail:
Jai Lao Foundation
PO Box 472
San Ramon, CA  94583
Please send before April 15, 2016.  Thank you.


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Just want to update on all donation for the Children of Laos from Jai Lao Foundation. Thank you to everyone with such a beautiful hearts for sending all these wonderful gifts (clothes, money, etc.) to help those children that were in such a desperate need of basic shoes and warm clothes. :thumbup: :cheer:

The JLF team finally make it to the first village and handling out the donations to all those beautiful and happy childrens. Please check out JLF facebook videos and pictures (more to come). The JLF team still need to travel up more mountains and hills to other villages to reach other children.

Please check out their video