Go Younha


Tell me about it.

Go Younha
born April 29, 1988 in Seoul, Korea
is a K-Pop and J-Pop singer.(ALSO sings GREAT in English)

this girl deserves her own sarnworld thread. she's super talented with her voice and the piano. she's a true singer, unlike those wackos lol

Younha - Password 486 MV(English Subtitles)
Younha and K. Will - Special Stage Duet (Awesome Perf)
I swear, she sounds JUST(or SO close) like Kelly and Avril
Younha - Live - English Songs

what do you guys think? i think she's my new crush lol ... her voice is so powerful. her and rain need to get together since their voices are strong and their songs are best live. she can sing the english part because i do not understand that dude's english. i'll be thinking he's still singing korean then people say he was singing in english and i'm like WHAT? i did not hear a single english word.