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Season 3 of popular series that is Hormone The Series. This season will be a final season.
This series about teenager life in Nadao School that have both of happiness and trouble
When the senior graduated, and passed through Nadao School. They had good memory left.
Meanwhile, junior keep studying in Nadao, especially thier life
Khanompung is broken heart by Tar. Now, she is better, but she still have scar in her heart.
While Oil who is her best friend take care of her. Sun, he become leader singer of Seescape when Tar gone. 
Non First and Pala are study in same class. Three of them so close, even they have different behavior.
Pao move his school from Fah Baworn to Nadao like Phu who is his brother, because he is broken heart.
Somsom and her gang is like mafia gang that Junior can't play with her.
Boss is perfectly guy and looking serous. He is genius, and no one can catch up. Dao and Goi meet each other
in first day of semester with their discomfort. Jane is new student of Nadao. She is bitchy, and everyone look at her as freaky,
but she don't care about that.
This other semester that scar with happen through a experience. That scar will have price of tear, smile and friendship.
It depend on how long are they can stand it ? each a their will have own way for healing it. The scar will make hurt and friendship in same time.
Who will can pass it ? Please stay tuned.

Ost. of this series
Yorn (Return)


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I'm excited for this season, but I'll always love the first two seasons. Even in seasons 1-2, I never cared much of these characters that are now in season 3. I'm sad that my favorite characters "graduated" already. Hopefully season 3 will have something that'll catch my attention like the first two seasons did. 

cool :)

sarNie Adult
I'm crying in the inside. I would've been perfectly happy with them ending Hormones with season 2 tbh :no: I don't wanna say bye to the original cast yet even though it's been awhile already lol. Oh my gosh I miss Season 1 so much!!! I think I'll only be watching this season for our two "seniors" now. I think the rest are still juniors?


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I wasn't going to watch it but the kids were cute and funny on frozen hormone. They started epi 1 today, made me missed Toei and Tar when Tar's song came on at the beginning.


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I honestly didn't get a good enough closure between Win and Kwan!!!!! Sad that they graduated. Really thought that they would be in season 3 with the others that graduated. Can we get one about everyone going to college or something.