Have James Ma changed, in your opinion?


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I just want to ask James Ma's fans who followed for so long. For whom who followed James Ma since the beginning, I wonder from the first time you've been following him, is or are there any changes you see him?
In three of these categories, in which one did you see him change or did he just improve him than before?


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You can say I followed JMA when he made his first appearance up until now. I haven't been a loyal fan lately but what I can tell you is that he hasn't changed much. Like Jana mentioned, he's opened up more and more expressive than before when we see him interact with others. :)


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Sweet_JJ said:
I don't think he's really changed, he just opened up and got more used to the ET. He's still the calm, quiet, dedicating man he was 2 years ago. :)
ip.smilez said:
You can say I followed JMA when he made his first appearance up until now. I haven't been a loyal fan lately but what I can tell you is that he hasn't changed much. Like Jana mentioned, he's opened up more and more expressive than before when we see him interact with others. :)
Okay thanks you guys ^^ I see the same thing like both of you. I asked just to get preferences on what other people thinks, but I guess I have to agree with both of you since I also think he's been more open up to others now than the first appearance I've seen him :)


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J-Ma has grown into a really mature men. I really adore him since Khun Chai Ronnapee. When he first enter the ET he is shy and is like a kid to me with his baby face. But as I see him improve more and more. This men is starting to be more mature and mature. Which by doing this. He is slowly starting to gain fame. J-Ma has a bright future ahead of him.


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I like that for his second lakorn he picked Ka Badin with an experienced actress like Matt. I think it was a wise decision of him


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Sweet_JJ said:
Agree! Usually a lot of actors get worse or lose their charm in the future but James is the opposite! He's a very sincere and great guy. He is quite mature and I totally dig mysterious and quiet guys. They are just so charming. ^___^ James has a very bright future and I'm quite happy for him as a fan, because he is someone that's slowly gaining fame and not getting it at one blow. There's just not a lot of actors that are the full package anymore and having James actually be one is great. 
I am glad he's willing to work with anyone. Matt isn't very popular like Mint or Kim, etc. But she's a great actress and I can tell after working with her he's developed as an actor and has his own techniques now. :)
Mysterious guys are the kind of guys that makes you want to know more about them, and that's what makes him more appealing (nah khon ha) than guys who's all open up to himself, like most of the dara's out there who are willing to tell their personal lives to the public. That's what makes him unique from many celebrities :)
I hope one day, he can go-inter to play various actors/actresses in different countries, maybe Hong Kong, China, or even Taiwan haha Like Park Eun-Hye, she got to play in a Taiwanese drama with Vic Zhou (F4/JVKV) in Silence. I hope one day, he can be like that :) He has so much potentials.


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Hohoho! I found this thread. I can't say I've been "following" James Ma - I mean, I've only been "initiated" to the world of Lakorns and Thai culture in general like.. last November 2014. But whenever I see news or pictures when he is involved, I'm always interested. For those of you who may have seen me in other threads, you may have guessed that my first step into Lakorns is Jutathep series. God I was, and still am, so in love with it, and that's the first time I saw James Ma and he's so adorable. Admittedly, I am a James Jirayu fan, so I've been following James Ji.  But I also like James Ma. I get especially happy when I see them together. Though what is striking between the two of them is James Ma seems to be the silent type and James Ji is the wacky one. They're like Phinneas and Ferb (though James Ma is a very very cute Ferb hahahaha). 
Anyway, the first time I saw James Ma in a "candid" setting was in that subbed video of the Jutathep interview in 3Zaap. He really is so nice and sweet compared to the other guys and he didn't seem like the type who liked to hog the spotlight. He was just there and laughed when he needed to and talked politely when talked to. What I also liked about him was that he had a goal in life; he had a passion other than acting - cars and golf (not like James Ji who was just being a boy and doing random boy things until his mom forced him to go to showbiz, or so he says. Sorry it's inevitable that I would compare them). So I think it suits him to just be chill and not be all over the place, with his face plastered everywhere, because I feel that he'd be more comfortable or he would grow more that way. What is unjust however is how he hasn't had a lakorn yet after SJ unlike the rest of the SJ cast. 
As to whether he has changed, I don't know because like I said, I haven't really intently followed him  :scratchhead2: Maybe I should, starting ... now. hahaha. But he has two dramas slated? Go James Ma! I support him.
He really shined in SJ for me. I hope you don't take this in the wrong way, but he was a good supporting character - he became more lovable as provided support in the segments of the drama for all his brothers. When it was his turn, he likewise shined (though I hope the story had more to it than just kidnappings and action scenes.   :wackonut:  I mean, I he was really good with all those action scenes, but I would have wanted more from his Ronapee, well - that is another story for another topic). But I loved him more when he was being sweet to his brothers and totally nailing the part of the youngest brother. He can be a support character without taking the spotlight away from the main character.  
If I have one critique, I'd say he needs improvement in his uhhh posing for pictures. I can't say he's not photogenic because I've seen many cute pics of him in magazines, but he also had several poorly shot magazine pics. I'm not sure but I think a person can actually study the right angles or expressions (lighting? colors? I dunno) in order to photograph well. I think he has to work on that, especially since his eyes .. well, he has cute chinky eyes? hahaha. Oh my I have so many more things to say but this turned out to be the longest post ever. Sorry! thank you for reading my rant.