Heavenly Sword and the Dragon saber


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i've seen the one with tony and the tvb one done in 2000...um..is the one with alec worth watching?? I don't really like watching remakes...


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the one with gigi was good. . . the one with alec/alyssa, that one is good too, but the one with gigi, they had to pretend that gigi is dead, but the one with alec, alyssa's dad just let her go with alec in the series. . they didn't wanted to kill her or announce that she's dead. .. i just like the one with gigi cuz it's tvb, but i also like the one with alec cuz he's in there. .


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which one is alec's version---isnt someone uploading it right now?


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pecco said:
which one is alec's version---isnt someone uploading it right now?
Yea! But when I tried 2 d/l the one with English Sub it won't get through :rolleyes:


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i've seen all the heaven sword and dragon sword versions.

my favorite one is, of course, the original one with tony leung and kitty lai, but i also recommend the one with alec su. it was awesome. :D


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oh yeah the one with subtitles when i try to it says page not found


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I like dah one wid Alex n Alyssia Chai! It was a pretty good serie and I really enjoy watching it.


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OH goodness .. dont' waste the money---
if you get it from someone and have a LOT of time to KILL that's different.

if you like the TONY leung/ KITTY Lai vers. then most likely you'll HATE this one.

i saw a few eps. and it SUX! (oh maybe i'm too harsh)
oki a big portion of it sux...

i like alec su but couln't stand watching it.


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the one with tony and Kitty is good and their perfomance is top-notch, but I have to say that I like the 2003 version with Alec and Alyssa better...I really recommand the one with Alec because Alyssa brings out the playfullness of Zhao Min and Alec's portray of Zhang Wuji is really awesome...

I might be bias about this becasue I'm a huge fan of Alec Su...that's my opinion


sarNie Hatchling
i haven't seen the one with tony and kitty, but i've seen like 3 remakes. out of all of them, i prefer the one with alec and alyssa. the tvb remake wasn't that good, even though i like tvb.