Hello Ja!!!


sarNie Egg
Heyyyylloo...everyone!!!..i'm Viee..new here...just wanted to share my photos with you guys and all
nothing much to look at though!!!!..soo here ya goes!!!..enjoy!!

And the Natural one


sarNie Adult
the first very pretty ^_^,
the last, very cute,
the third.... kinda... scary :lol:

Welcome to Sarnworld Viee :)


sarNie Elites
what happened to your second picture...the one with you and your friend? that pic was cute. you kind of look like Nadia Nimitrwanich in the first pic. that girl is just so adorable! welcome 2 sw!


You're gorgeous
And I agree with Thookata, you do kinda look like Nadia in the first pic.
I had to look at the pic for a while. Lolz.

Viee was my short name for school since my first name is so asian(Viengkeo)&&that no one can pronouce it right. Lolz. But I spelled it Vee


sarNie Egg
reallly..it actually spell vee too..but someone already have the name so i put viee..lol..thankk you u everyone for welcoming me