Help me find this movie's name!! PLEASE!!


sarNie Egg
Hi everyone!!
i just wanted to know if anyone know the name of this bollywood movie!! i think it is a pretty old movie but its about a mother in law who is very mean to her first daughter in law, and so she tortures the daughter in law. First by telling her to put her hands in the hot water, and then make her clean the house or something. later the mother in law kicked the daughter in law out of the house, and the second brother came home or something and was looking for them and thought that they died or something. and so he met a women who later helped him find his sister in law and niece who didnt die. and so the lady and him decided to get revenge on his mom, and they pretended to get married in order for her to come live in his house. the mother in law tries to kick the second daughter in law out but this time the daughter in law was smarter and so the mother in law was the one who suffered instead. i forgot how the ending ends but i really want to watch this movie but i dont know the name of please help me!!


It's called Ghar Ho To Aisa. It is one of my all time favorite films. Sadly, you don't see these kind of films nowadays in Bollywood. How I miss the old days!!