help me help them!!!


sarNie Adult
A few years ago I got involved with this young teen's life. it's been a few years and progress is being made but there are always setbacks. I knew her mother before her but it was what I saw that made me get involved with her life to this point, her mother let her run the streets when she was young (9 years old) by the time she was 13 years old she would disappear for months at a time from home and her mother did not follow up on her whereabouts, she was later sent to live with her grandmother in florida and it brought some stability in her life, but last year her father returned from overseas after abandoning her and now has custody of her. things have went back to what they were before, she leaves when she wants, hangs out with gangs gets involved now with drugs and alcohol (she's been involved with drugs and alcohol since she was nine)

I have injected myself into her life style in her life, I’ve been robbed at gun point partied at the gangs hangouts to understand why she chose these people at cost to my own life. I can honestly say I know the system of how this breakdown begins and why these teens are attracted to this life when abandon by their own families.

I’m a very unconventional person, like nobody you'll ever meet, but with the entire negative there are positives in her life, there are many principals I have I see she's adopting. Slowly she is coming to the light, she is 15 now. she has many dreams and aspirations and when and where II can I help her, her father is collecting welfare for her so he has no intention of letting her go until she is 18, believe me I told both her parents to give her to me if they can't handle her anymore.

There is this modeling competition she applied for and was selected to participate in. Out of 10,000 applicants they chose 100 in her region and she was selected to compete, she is the youngest finalist. She was happy at first but soon in despair as to her chances at all without any form of support other than words of encouragement. So I told her if she really wanted to apply herself for this competition I could and would help. I flew down to Florida to take her personally to the first interview after paying for a complete makeover with wardrobe change. Now her father is on board to help her out because there is money involved, lol, but whatever. Her second interview went really well and she is going to a red carpet event in a few days, yeah I’m the person making it happen, I think personally the situation has become awkward because now her father is asking me to help her every time something happens, it's ok over these last few years I have learn to understand and love this girl like my own child. The current issues is the friends she keeps only use her, she has a very high IQ and can be very manipulative, that’s how she has survived to this point. For all my efforts I wish I could erase certain people from her life. All her friends know who I am and I seem to be spoken of a lot, but with all the coming events that are coming she is under tremendous peer pressure to attend parties take drugs from these useless people in her life. I know more what’s going on bad in her life then her father, he only knows what I tell him, but in the end. If I keep being there for her I think she will make it above the fray of people she now calls friends and the family she comes from…

this is who I speak of: you can help me help her just by joining her fan base, she really is a beautiful girl, she just needs love her parents could not or would not give her…

Ps. There are horrors this girl has been put through that makes me cry to know what her parents have let happen or been a part of themselves…