Help with a movie title!


sarNie Adult
My mind is very blurred on this movie but I hope someone would help me.

It's about a father and daughter who has super power. His daughter can make fire or something and for him, I don't remember. I remember the part where they went to a telephone booth and he made lots and lots of quarters come out. At the end, her father died and she uses her fire power to kill the people who killed her father. After that incident, she went to live with an old couple who accepted her.
That's all I remember. I really want to see this movie again so pliz help.

Another one is: (summary not so good)
A guy married a lady. After their marriage, he left her for another lady. Years later, his first wife came back. His second wife was kind of old so she went to this one rich lady that sells potion to make other people look younger. The rich lady cut her finger tip and poured the potion into her hand. The second wife became younger and her butt and chest were bigger so she was happy. Her husband decided to go back to the first wife. (then blah blah) He and the 2nd wife were arguing and she was about to fall down the stairs so she hold her hand out for him. He poked her and she fell downstairs. He thought she was dead and went to call his first wife. They were thinking of puting her in a car filled with alcohol bottles in it and push it over the cliff. The 2nd wife got up and her neck was twisted. etc.....

At the end, the husband died. Before he died, his two wives wanted him to take the potion they took so that they would live forever.

I remember the cover was like the 1st wife had a big hole in her stomach and the other wife's head was twisted with the guy in the middle.


sarNie Hatchling
fOR THE first movie.. I think it might be FIRESTARTER.. or something like that with DREw BARRYMORE. When she was real young.. I don't know if that is the story line, but I remember that she had something to do with fires. Hope that helps..

AS For the second one i am 100% sure.. it is DEATH BECOMES HER, with bruce willis, goldie hawn, and meryl streep.. that is one of my favorite movies of all time.. :yahoo: