help with old thai boran!


sarNie Adult
help with old thai borans! ok i don't know the thai titles but hmong only...

1. xob taus tooj dub [tub xob the little boy that have black scar on his face]
2. nkauj nees qaum ntuj txoj kev hlub [the na'ek is half human and half horse she's really beautiful but pretend to transform into an ugly girl to test the pa'ek her name is mas nis lav tas nas]
3. forgot the hmong title but the na'ek name is khawm fab in the hmong dubb one...she's the most beautiful girl in her village and she got marry to the pa'ek and they both had a son the end she commit suicide bc her hubby married another girl i think? and the nang'rai came and said some stuff to the na'ek that's why she suicide...this is a 1 part movie only
4. nkauj nog and nkauj rhee...not the 1 part but the remake one that has like maybe 4-5 parts
5. i totally forgot the summary and hmong titles to this movie and i forgot the na'ek and pa'ek name...the only thing i remember is the na'ek at the beginning falls from the sky into the pa'ek house that's it
6. i forgot the hmong title but it's about a big bird destroying her country so her parents hide her into a basket and later on the pa'ek found her and they got marry and later on she gave birth to 4 sons but the second wife lied that it's snails so the pa'ek abandon them?
7. the hmong title is nkauj kub kaws....the na'ek's mom is a dragon and her dad is from heaven...the na'ek dressed herself as a frog and her name is i think huab tais this vis and the pa'ek name is xus thaj kus mas
8. forgot the hmong title but the na'ek name is Mam Miab in the hmong dubb one and her bf was going to go back home so he took her with him but disguise her as a man and at the end when his parents found out they send her back home and she become a buddha. this is a 1 part movie only

if anybody know the thai titles to these movies pls help me out!


sarNie Hatchling
1.Kwan fa nah dam i think pra;ek is malit and nang'ek is kala remake
2.Kaew nah mah i think pra'ek is chaiya and nang'eg is oil sirima remake
3.&4.Luxanawong/malit and oil sirima
5.I really don't know about this one can't think of any boran lakorn nang'ek falls from the sky into pra'ek house.
6.See yod kumarn
7.Othai tey vee


sarNie Hatchling
the one that nang'ek at the end she went to be a buddha is Mamia the movie with num sornram and kob suvanant i think .But the other one i can't really think of nothing.


sarNie Hatchling
8.i think is Mamia with num sornram and kob suvanant hope i'm right.