Hidden Figures


sarNie OldFart
this is another great movie I saw. great acting from all the actors. it's sad, but still uplifting. another must see!
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. : Lady Yue : .
I want to watch this movie but I will wait until I have access to it. It is sad? Based on the trailer, it's not sad lol. This movie is inspiring, more power to women especially women of color :).


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I heard that it was real good ... I wanted to go but didn't have the time (more like I didn't make time for it). I will go soon after reading this positive review from you. Thank you!!!


sarNie Egg
I saw the movie a few days ago. I wouldn't say that it's sad but there are parts when I cried, especially when it relates to what women of color had to endure. But it is also uplifting. I would encourage you guys to go see it!